Bobby Burns

By Tony King  photos courtesy of Jerry Perry and Peter Wedel

It’s been ten years since Midtown Sacramento’s most colorful resident shuffled off this mortal coil.  While Midtown has always had its fair share of eccentric and offbeat characters, none can compare to the elderly hipster who dressed in wild outfits, sang scat as he danced down the street and played the drums like two jackrabbits on their honeymoon. Read more »

There Will Be Blood… and Heckling

By Tony King
The venerable splatter-fest known as the Trash Film Orgy has been sating Sacramento’s cinematic bloodlust for a decade now, providing weird and warped midnight entertainment for its ravenous inmates… er, audience. Read more »

Drink Easy, Sacramento

By Tony King photos by Scott Duncan

It’s late afternoon, and the Sun is taking its time setting in the west. As the last rays of light beam through the skeletal trees lining the R Street Corridor, patrons dine out on the patios of the all-brick former bread factory between 14th and 15th streets. At the corner of 14th and R, groups of friends sit around, sipping cocktails and catching up, while Billie Holiday’s “Rain Or Shine” hovers overhead.

Welcome to The Shady Lady. Read more »

Pip Pip, Tallyho!

By Tony King

San Francisco has one. So does Philadelphia. The same with Portland, Baltimore and sunny San Diego. Thanks to the efforts of Rick and Erin Houston, Sacramento finally has its own tweed-themed cycling event. Yet despite the emphasis on riding in dashing attire, Sacramento’s Tweed Ride has less to do with fashion than it does with encouraging camaraderie within Sacramento’s bicycling community. Read more »