Down on the Boulevard

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan

At various points along its length, Franklin Boulevard can be charming (think Gunther’s neon ice cream scooper), charitable (as with St. Patrick’s Thrift Store and Home for Children), industrial (the stark Campbell’s soup factory), and on many stretches, somewhat desolate and desperate.  Franklin can’t boast a city council-designated ethnic area a la “Little Saigon” on Stockton Boulevard, but shopping and eating there can sometimes feel more like being in Mexico than in the US. Read more »

Winter Cycling

By Melody Stone Photos by Scott Duncan

An avid cyclist won’t let a little rain deter them from hopping on a bike, but the average person might need a little more persuasion to take the winter cycling plunge Read more »

Kobasic’s Candies

By Sarah Singleton Photos by Scott Duncan

Hidden away on a tree-lined stretch of Riverside Blvd lies a candy store that turns out some of the most amazing chocolates I’ve ever had.  How had I not heard of this place until recently? Read more »

California Haunts

by Niki Kangas  photos by Scott Duncan

Slamming filing cabinets, falling handtrucks, electronic voice phenomena, pushing, and bruising are among the interactions Sacramento ghost hunters California Haunts has experienced with the dead-but-not-gone. Lead investigator Charlotte Kosa and her associate Rose Coibion are among a handful of paranormal investigative teams peppering the Gold Country. Read more »

Tray Chic

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan and Becky Grunewald

Is there a public servant more maligned than the California state worker?  Police and fire personnel are viewed as heroes who serve and protect.  Even politicians get some grudging validation every few years when election day rolls around.  But the state worker just toils on in obscurity, assailed from all sides. Read more »

Cafeteria 15L

Read more »

Cycle Chic Sundays

By Tony King  Photos by Scott Duncan

Sacramento has become a seriously burgeoning bike-centic burg.  These days, the River City is experiencing a two-wheeled renaissance that’s made biking easily accessible to just about everyone. Read more »

Keeping Midtown Janky

By Sarah Singleton   Photo by Scott Duncan

Melanie Dinos created 100 “Keep Midtown Janky” stickers last year and gave them out to friends for fun.  It’s a year later and the plain black and white stickers can be seen on cars, bikes and doors all around town. Read more »

Eatin’ Janky on the Grid

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan

Much as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said, “I know it when I see it,” in regards to the rather nebulous definition of pornography, defining “janky” can be a bit of a sticky wicket. Read more »

Take The Dive

by Sarah Singleton photos by Scott Duncan

I am a proponent of the Dive Bar. Read more »