Pub Grub

Story and photos by Sarah Singleton

While Midtown and the greater Sacramento area has no shortage of pubs and watering holes in general, it’s always a plus to be able to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat while getting your drink on. Read more »

Peter Hoey

By Sarah Singleton  Photos by Scott Duncan

Peter Hoey’s first beer was a Miller Genuine Draft, and he wasn’t impressed Read more »

Kobasic’s Candies

By Sarah Singleton Photos by Scott Duncan

Hidden away on a tree-lined stretch of Riverside Blvd lies a candy store that turns out some of the most amazing chocolates I’ve ever had.  How had I not heard of this place until recently? Read more »

Keeping Midtown Janky

By Sarah Singleton   Photo by Scott Duncan

Melanie Dinos created 100 “Keep Midtown Janky” stickers last year and gave them out to friends for fun.  It’s a year later and the plain black and white stickers can be seen on cars, bikes and doors all around town. Read more »

Take The Dive

by Sarah Singleton photos by Scott Duncan

I am a proponent of the Dive Bar. Read more »

Honey Spot

By Sarah Singleton Photos by Scott Duncan

Jonathon Modrow and Kimio Bazett didn’t know what they were getting into back in 2003 when they decided to open up a neighborhood bar in Sacramento. They had taken over a nineteenth-century building that once housed local hotspots Drago’s, Café Montreal and Café Paris, amongst other incarnations. Little did they know that they had purchased The Money Pit. Read more »

Bud’s Buffet

story and photos by Sarah Singleton

Have you ever wondered if you get enough meat in your diet?  If you’re not sure, then you probably don’t.  And if this is the case, I recommend that you begin to remedy this situation by visiting Bud’s Buffet on a weekly basis.  They’ll take care of you. Read more »


By Sarah Singleton  Photos by Jesse Vasquez

Pizza joints may be the new sushi restaurants, at least here in Midtown Sacramento.  I doubt that sushi is going anywhere, but it seems that wood-fired ovens are multiplying rapidly, and really, who am I to complain?  Pizza is no longer only for college students, stoners ordering delivery and people looking for a quick-fix for a weeknight dinner.  Pizza has recently been elevated to gourmet status, and it deserves its due respect. Read more »