Bobby Burns

By Tony King  photos courtesy of Jerry Perry and Peter Wedel

It’s been ten years since Midtown Sacramento’s most colorful resident shuffled off this mortal coil.  While Midtown has always had its fair share of eccentric and offbeat characters, none can compare to the elderly hipster who dressed in wild outfits, sang scat as he danced down the street and played the drums like two jackrabbits on their honeymoon. Read more »

The MidMo Guide to Essential Midtown Characters

Compiled by William Burg, Tim Foster, Becky Grunewald, Guphy Gustafson, Niki Kangas and Liv Moe

While Bobby Burns was the ultimate Midtown character, there are still plenty of folks who contribute to the quirky nature of Midtown in unique and myriad ways.  What exactly makes someone a ‘character’?  We never did figure that out, but we did come up with a list of quintessential Midtowners who do what they do while marching to the beat of their own drummer. Read more »


By James W. Cameron  Photos by Jay Spooner

Begun twenty years ago as a simple celebration of chalk art, Midtown’s Chalk it Up Festival has grown to become one of the signature events of the Sacramento summer.  Read more »