River City Write

Compiled by William Burg, James Cameron, Tim Foster, Becky Grunewald, Guphy Gustafson, Niki Kangas and Liv Moe

While William T. Vollmann is probably the most respected author to ever intentionally settle down in Sacramento, the River City has had its fair share of bright literary lights over the years Read more »


By James W. Cameron  Photos by Jay Spooner

Begun twenty years ago as a simple celebration of chalk art, Midtown’s Chalk it Up Festival has grown to become one of the signature events of the Sacramento summer.  Read more »

The Sacramento Room and Center for Sacramento History

By James W. Cameron  photos by Scott Duncan

Archives and libraries have often been regarded as musty vessels of dreariness, replete with pinch-faced attendants who either shush visitors speaking in normal voices or seem unable to direct them anywhere but the rest rooms.  Not so in Sacramento where there are a host of these institutions that provide stimulating and exciting material and guidance to both residents and visitors alike. Read more »

Faith and Steel

By James W. Cameron photos by Jesse Vasquez

Imani students Myles Mitchell, Malik Hill, and Breeana Johnson

Imani students Myles Mitchell, Malik Hill, and Breeana Johnson

The sound of shuffling feet, soft thuds, and the solid clang and clank of metal on metal dominate an otherwise eerie stillness as the fencers move back and forth, thrusting and parrying in a balletic movement all their own.  The action is rapid, fluid, as the fencers advance and retreat, intent on scoring on their opponents and eluding efforts to score on them. The atmosphere is hushed but expectant, rife with excitement. Read more »

Billy Mills

By James W. Cameron  photos by Jesse Vasquez

Long before the phrase “Native American” came into vogue, a trim, muscular American Indian in the service of the US Marine Corps came from a humble beginning on the reservation to defeat the world’s best runners in a race of epic proportion, standing the racing world on its ear and achieving enduring fame.  His name was Billy Mills, the race was the ten thousand meter run, and the occasion was the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. Read more »