Musical Chairs

We’re stoked to have local legend Charles Albright inaugurate our new format for the Musical Chairs feature: five things, 500 words. (Some of the past contributors were skewing a little verbose.  We always have the comfort of you, the reader, in mind.)  If you pay any attention at all to Sac’s music scene you probably already know all about Charles, his headphones, the guy who made fun of his headphones in the pages of the SNR, his dozen or so bands, his solo project, his Black Flag obsession, his love of mathematics and his penchant for making lists.  The other eight of you who’ve never heard of him are just going to have to take our word for it: the guy is a city treasure. Read more »

Operation Restore Maximum Freedom X: SATURDAY 10/2

Sat, 10/2
KDVS Presents: O:RMF X


Although the next Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom Festival is on the same day as day two of the Norcal Noisefest, I trust that all will know where their interests lie. The folks at KDVS have done it again, bringing the only known festival of its kind to our area, and thankfully, more than once a year! The very impressive line-up for this O:RMF follows, and you know how much can be found on the web about all of these acts – Do your research!  Pleasing you will be: Wounded Lion (LA), AIDS Wolf (Montreal), Super Wild Horses (Australia), Ganglians (everywhere), Dream Date (SF),Greg Ashley (SF), Mattress (PDX), Shannon and the Clams (SF), Psychic Reality (Not Not Fun), Big Black Cloud (PDX), Young Prisms (SF), Buk Buk Big Ups (full band revue), and Sacramento’s own hip-hop prophet, Random Abiladeze. A dizzying outdoor day of awesome integrity, cheap beer, and high-fives galore. Hooraaaaah!! –Troy Mighty

Plainfield Station, 23944 Road 98 Between Woodland and Davis, 2PM – 11PM, $8 presale, $10 day of