A Guide to Local Pub Quizzes

By Dennis Yudt photos by Scott Duncan

The pub quiz – like the grilled cheese sandwich or a bicycle – is one of those simple yet perfect ideas: answering a wide variety of trivia questions with a group of friends over a pint or two in friendly competition with other teams for a prize of more beer. Kinda brilliant, isn’t it? Read more »

The Redemption of Christian Kiefer

By Dennis Yudt Photos by Aaron Seminoff

One would think that if you were a local English professor, writer and musician who had made a stack of CDs with such notable talents as Sharron Krause, Califone, Bill Calahan/Smog, Tetuzi Akiyama, Garth Hudson from The Band, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker from Low, and members of Wilco, that you would have a pretty high profile around town.

Unless your name is Christian Kiefer. And then you are a pariah. Read more »

No Commercial Potential

By Dennis Yudt

Though Sacramento may be best known for producing slick radio rock on the order of Steel Breeze, Tesla, Cake and the Deftones, there has also been a strange side, filled with brilliant oddballs and sonic outsiders who are barely known even within our own community. Read more »

Remembering Tommy VanWormer

Read more »

The Life and Times of Ground Chuck

By Dennis Yudt photos by Scott Duncan

Recently, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson and a few associates made a pit stop at the venerable Midtown watering hole, the Rubicon Brewing Company. While there, he was goaded into singing “Happy Birthday” to Charles Adrian Thomas, a Rubicon regular who was celebrating his 41st year on earth. Mayor Johnson, never one to oppose a majority voice, gamely serenaded the birthday boy, muffing up his name only slightly. By all accounts, the mayor did a half-way decent job, adding one more episode in the life and times of Mr. Thomas, or, as every good denizen of Midtown knows him: ‘Ground Chuck.’ Read more »