By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan

Dinner and a movie.  Is the concept obsolete these days?  Should the phrase be “seasons one through five of Weeds on Netflix streaming while eating an order of Pizza Hut cheesy Read more »

Lights, Camera, Sacto!

By Jacob Greenberg



Lucky Star: Clayton Bailey’s World of Wonders

By Tim Foster

Thank Robert Arneson.

It was Arneson who invited an obscure Midwestern ceramicist to cover a few of his classes at UC Davis, thus introducing Clayton Bailey to northern California – just in time to take his place in art history.  Read more »

Sid Garcia-Heberger

By Becky Grunewald Photo by Scott Duncan

Laura Garcia-Heberger (known to one and all as “Sid”) is almost completely synonymous with the business she leases and manages: The Crest Theatre. Read more »

Fine Steps

By Dennis Yudt  Photo by Scott Duncan

While walking up a flight of stairs to a quiet room to talk about his band, Fine Steps guitarist/singer/songwriter Julian Elorduy expresses that he wishes he could start a few other groups. Read more »

Musical Chairs – January 2012

What to say about RSO?  Let’s just narrow it down to a few facts:  An artist himself, he also curates the art at Bows and Arrows. Read more »

The Neverending Film Festival

By Niki Kangas  Photo by Scott Duncan

Every Sunday night, at the historic Guild Theater in Oak Park, Movies on a Big Screen hosts a documentary, independent, or cult classic film screening to the delight of its diverse audience. Read more »

Look Who’s Talking

By Bob Masullo

“A lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.”

                                                – John Gould (noted Canadian author) Read more »

Film Fests

by Sarah Singleton

There’s more to movies in Sacramento than what’s playing at the local Megaplex.  You can stay immersed in film culture by attending just a few film festivals per year.  Now how to choose…? Read more »

Art Picks – December 2011

Read more »