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Posted on September 30, 2011 – 6:54 PM | by Admin
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Sometimes people just call Chris Teichman and his brother Brad “the twins” (due to their identical status), which is kind of messed up, but it doesn’t help that these dudes are always in bands together. And so many bands! Since moving here from Ohio in 2001, Chris has been in the Toy Store Tykes, King Robot, The Naked Robbers, Army of Trees, The Ancient Sons (probably the most well-known), and a new band: The Higher Mansions (featuring brother Brad – natch), who will be playing their first live show “very soon.” All of this points to Teichman being music-obsessed and the perfect person to pen Musical Chairs.




Spiritualized – Songs In A & E

This album came out in 2008, around the time I was forming my band The Ancient Sons. I started The Ancient Sons after a week-long hospital stay, and I read that Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce  (also AKA J. Spaceman of Spacemen 3) had recovered from a serious illness a few years before, so this record really struck a chord with me, so to speak. These songs kept me writing my own songs and inspired me to go in a musical direction I never thought I would take. I love a soulful voice and this here is one that speaks volumes to me.

Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs

This is a great headphones album, but is also great with the stereo volume turned all the way up. Ira and Georgia’s vocals are, as usual, a perfect fit. Yo La Tengo are basically the same three people and stay consistent as a band and as album makers. Their sound seems to always evolve from one album to the next. Listening to “Nothing To Hide” is fun in the sun and then “Periodically Double or Triple” comes on next and hits the ball over the fence with its witty lyrics and funky vibe.



Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels

I first heard Great Lake Swimmers’ “Pulling On A Line” from one of my Pandora stations. It opened my mind back up to the strumming guitar sounds of early REM records. Most important though are the lyrics and vocals of Tony Dekker. Even when I can’t quite understand the words, I sing along anyway, making up my own interpretation of what he is saying. This is my kind of music… song-for-song, these guys are right up there with My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, and Bon Iver. In the game of writing songs to make albums and not just singles, Great Lake Swimmers are one of my favorites at the moment.

The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

Straight from the Lone Star state that bore Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators comes another awesome-sounding psychedelic band. From start to finish, another song-for-song great album! When “Entrance Song” starts off with the lyrics, “Rolling fast down I35, supersonic overdrive, rolling fast down I35, thru the day, past the night,” you’re thrown into the sounds of The Doors and awesome ex-Sacto band Low Flying Owls. The singer can wail like a banshee and the girl drummer is a perfect fit. Like The Black Angels’ last song “The Sniper” states, “We decide what goes inside your head.”

The Go! Team – Proof Of Youth

The Go! Team are a great band from Brighton, England and are my go-to group for the morning walk/light rail trip to and from work. It really wakes me up with its groovy, cheerleader-rap vibes. Proof of Youth has lots of chants and tambourines and a special appearance by Chuck D! It’s all I need to get moving and shaking and you should see if it moves you too. The Go! Team’s videos should just be clips of Bruce Lee fighting, and I could just watch, listen and learn………..    

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