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Posted on August 5, 2011 – 10:24 PM | by Admin
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Compiled by William Burg, Tim Foster, Becky Grunewald, Michele Hebert,
Niki Kangas, Anthony King, Liv Moe, Sarah Singleton and Melody Stone

Photos by Scott Duncan

Last up: Music. Most of the Midtown folks we know are rabid music fans, so no surprise that the Music categories would be some of the most hotly contested areas of our survey.

Best Live Music Venue: Harlow’s

Where can you see jazz trio Medeski, Martin and Wood one night and the next night see the sludge metal band The Melvins? That venue would be Harlow’s.

For the last 15 (or so) years, Harlow’s has been dedicated to presenting a wide variety of live music in a room that’s been reconstructed for the optimization of both seeing and hearing bands play.  “From any point in the room, you can see the stage and the sound is great,” according to one fan.

We asked Abstract Entertainment‘s Brian McKenna, who has been booking shows at Harlow’s for over a decade, about what makes Harlow’s so special.  “It’s just a good room for live music.  The sound is great, bands like to play there and it’s always a positive experience for everyone.” Case in point, the Old 97’s, who recently played a sold-out show at the venue just called McKenna to ask about playing Harlow’s again.  They’re coming back on August 31st, as will gangs of their fans.

2708 J Street #1

Best Dance Night: The Sunday Night Dance Party (aka The Soul Party)

DJ Larry Rodriguez’ Sunday Night Dance Party at the Press Club was the clear winner in our Best Dance Night category. DJ Larry – aka the Flower Vato – is something of a Sacto legend and has been uplifting mofos from the jaws of mediocrity since the ‘90s with his savvy a mix of soul & funk (‘60s through the early ‘80s), reggae, brazilian and afro-latin grooves sprinkled with occasional doses of pop, rock and roll. Larry usually flies solo, but DJ Hailey has been his regular guest DJ & “protege” at the Soul Party for the last year & a half or so. If you’re looking to get the last bits of party out of your weekend, stop by the Press Club on a Sunday night, order up a Pabst tallboy and get ready to get funky.

Press Club, 2030 P Street

Ask the Experts: Best Dance Night

We asked DJ Larry which Midtown hotspot HE likes to check out.

“[I like] Hullabaloo, which is once a month at Fox & Goose. Yes I’m biased, but Hailey knows a good dance tune that’s not always obvious. Since she’s fairly new in the game, she takes more chances and I think it’s refreshing to all jaded feet and ears. Also, she’s been pairing up with Tim Matranga from KDVS and that dude always has great music.

“[In Midtown proper] my favorite reggae DJ is Wokstar, he has a new weekly every Tuesday at the Townhouse. He has certain tunes that incite random freaking within the crowd. One night Jackson Griffith & I were recipients of strange booty rubbing up on us. That was fun! Check him out if you’re so inclined.”

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