Posted on June 22, 2008 – 3:24 PM | by HK
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As I’m writing this, it’s only the middle of May and it’s nearing 100 degrees. By the time you pick up this issue, you will probably gaff at that while you stand near a magazine rack as the temperature creeps past 108. That said, we are in for a doozy of a summer. That shouldn’t stop you though from attending all the awesome shows heading our way. Load up on the sunscreen, bring lots of water and stay in the shade! This should be another summer to remember. With the dollar so weak, many bands from overseas are finally jumping on planes and heading our way. We’ve already been visited by bands from the UK and Canada, and we’ve also got Australians and New Zealanders heading our way!

6/11/2008Shearing Pinx
Shearing Pinx, + TBA
@ Funcastle , Sacramento. 8PM.  All ages.

From Vancouver, BC, Canada, Shearing Pinx excel at songs of taut, urgent, juggernaut rhythm, darting dual talus-grinding guitars, and cool delayed (yet discernable) vocals that imbue things with a psychedelic flavor…  amazing scrawly improv free-rock is another part of what they do. Fans of early Sonic Youth, the Stretchheads, and maybe even the first coupla Venom P. Stinger LPs oughta get to know this band! Even in the midst of a rambling jam of the punk-free-jazz, the Pinx win out because you can tell that the way they feel music is on a philosophically untouchable level that immediately impacts the listener. The composed parts are rallying, anthemic, and danceable; surely you’re pulse will quicken and you shall receive the spirit. Come to church, folks! – Rick Ele

Psychedelic Horseshit , Fabulous Diamonds (Australia),  Box Elders, Ganglians
@ Funcastle, Sacramento. 8pm.  All ages.

Psychedelic Horseshit returns!  These Midwesterners create fuzzed-out punk rock smeared with pop melodies. They released a great album Magic Flowers Droned last year on the acclaimed Siltbreeze records. They are paired on tour with Australia’s Fabulous Diamonds. From their myspace page, their music is a brand of weird, experimental trance. This should be an interesting show.  –HK

@Cypress House, Davis, 7PM. All Ages.

The jangly New Zealand pop of Pumice will be making its highly anticipated return to Davis on Saturday, June 14th at the Cypress House.  Pumice is not your typical one-man-band.  The foundation of his beautiful, lo-fi pop songs is a simple toy guitar, laden with subtle effects.  On top of this base, Pumice combines junky drums, cassette loops, chord organs, intercoms, and various endearing noisy toys to develop a warm, intoxicating, murky support.  Show starts early at 7pm with Sacramento beatmaster Chief Briggum opening, followed by the etheral. flannel-boogie of KDVS Recordings’  San Francisco Water Cooler. Pumice will also be performing in Sacramento  the day before, Friday the 13th; venue is TBA…  Go to for more details. –Brendan Boyle

Record Swap presented by KDVS and Midtown Monthly
@ Bricka Bracka 2114 P Street in Sacramento. 9AM-2PM. $3. All Ages.
I’m actually the co-coordinator of these record swaps, and I’m really excited about this one! We have finally found a new venue, in the form of Bricka Bracka, a huge art space in Midtown Sacramento. We are also co-sponsored by this lovely publication that you are reading now. For those new to record swaps, it’s an event where over a dozen vendors set up tables with records (mainly vinyl) but also CDs, cassettes, memorabilia, etc. For only $3 you can come browse the variety of tables and meet some awesome record nerds and fellow fans and collectors. This time we will see more zines, arts and crafts and books among the boxes and boxes of records. This event should be the most eclectic mix of vendors we’ve ever had, which makes it even more exciting. Coffee will be available for free in the morning, and pizza will be sold at lunch time, so why not make a day of it?  And be sure to bring cash! -HK

6/30/2008Traditional Fools
Traditional Fools @ TBA

Fingers crossed this show happens because the Traditional Fools are an awesome garage group from the bay area. They have a great 7” out on Chocolate Covered Records (awesome label name!!) This is superbly fun stuff for fans of the Mummies and locals, Th’ Losin’ Streaks. (Read the web-exclusive review of this 7”.) –HK

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