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Jeremy JayHere I am, pressed against another deadline! Sorry for the short list, but so many shows are being listed after I submit my picks and I am just busy as all hell. Isn’t summer a time to relax? Guess not.  I’m chilling in Davis this summer, covered in cat and dog hair and really enjoying the bountiful bike lanes, miles of green belts, and lack of SUV-driving idiots yelling from their cars while I cruise on my bike. Sacramento could learn a few things on bike decency, but as for music, this month does open the doors on Luigi’s Fun Garden- a small venue next to Luigi’s Pizza, an 18+ legit place!! Now I can enjoy a slice of pizza and a Down Town Brown and watch some awesome bands! Be respectful, have fun, and short people up front, please. –Heather Klinger

Mayyors, Uncut:Hunks, Scaphists (Portland, OR)
@ Funcastle (may move, double check on 8PM. All Ages. $$

8s are considered lucky, and we are in luck with this bill. MAYYORS come bearing their brand new sophomore 7” soon to be eBay gold, plus UNCUT:HUNKS, featuring everyone’s favorite Hardcore DJ Mick Mucus, along with members from GIFT OF GOATS, and ANAL MUCUS. Out of towners are Scaphists –sounding like straightforward punk rock with some notable influences including WIRE and the URINALS. –HK

Jay Baker (CD Release), the English Singles, Boyfriendz
@ Java Lounge  All Ages  $$

Jay Baker has long been known as the backbeat of Sac’s most underrated punk band, the Four Eyes—here he steps out from behind the kit to perform his new solo material.  If Baker’s Daniel Johnson-esque debut cd, the Leisure Hive is any indication, the new record will be well worth checking out.  Also on the bill are the English Singles, Sacramento’s answer to the eighties Manchester scene.  This band has been firing on all cylinders every time I’ve seen them, and “What a Disaster” (or whatever they call it) is a song that would have been a UK hit had they only been able to time travel back to 1986 to play it live on John Peel’s show.  Opening the bill are Boyfriendz, new indiepop locals who sound like they’ve done some close listening to Peel’s show themselves.  – TF
Jeremy Jay (pictured up top), Green Green, Fancie, Pets
 @ Luigi’s Fun Garden. 9pm. 18+. $6

This is a show that I am really looking forward to- moody, dancy, melodic pop from JEREMY JAY on Olympia’s K Records. I’m loving every EP he’s been releasing, and I think you will too. Somewhat like BEAT HAPPENING, maybe a splash of FAD GADGET and hints of your favorite indie band.  Get a good spot, I have a good feeling this is going to rule! -HK
8/17No Bunny
Wax Museums (TX), NoBunny, Vapid & B-Lines (Canada)
@ Luigi’s Fun Garden. 8pm. 18+. $5

NOBUNNY is back in town with silly garage punk tunes mixed with JAY REATARD, the RAMONES, and the OKMONIKS. They put out one of thee best records this year- songs full of severely funny lyrics and catchy beats that stay in your head. You’ll be singing, “I am a girlfriend” all week long.  –HK

Yes We Can: A Benefit Concert for Francis House
Maria Muldaur & the Free Radicals, Tracy Nelson, Holly Near and more
@ the Crest. all ages.  $40 – $100

Maria Muldaur is one of those generation-defining artists.    Everyone over the age of about 35 knows “Midnight at the Oasis”, Muldaur’s 1973 megahit that was played ad nauseum on both AM and FM stations over the next couple of decades; those under 30, maybe not, unless they remember the song from the prom scene in American Pie.  One way or the other, forget that song for the moment. 
It’s ironic that Muldaur, a dyed in the wool folkie who came up in the same early sixties Greenwich Village folk scene as Bob Dylan, would be best-remembered for an innocuous soft pop hit.  The song sells her short, and she, like most of the artists on this bill, has a long career of sociallly-conscious material to draw on.
The show is a benefit for Francis House, which since 1970, has been a Sacramento-based resource center for people who are suffering from poverty. Each year, thousands of men, women and children receive personal attention for their problems. 75% of all Francis House resources are distributed directly to the poor in the form of vouchers for emergency transportation, shelter and identification or used to provide direct counseling and hospitality services.
The hard times this year have stressed Francis House to its limits, with more people needing services and less funds available to help provide them.  All proceeds from this show will help to fund the valuable assistance that the Francis House provides.  -TF

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