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Posted on December 4, 2011 – 5:56 AM | by Admin
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It’s early and/or late December. You’re staring down a newly acquired gift certificate to a record store. Your new significant other loves records. You notice your grandson’s clothes are getting tighter and he’s listening to music that YOU used to listen to, on a RECORD PLAYER no less. What do you do? Well, why not read this article?

Dimple Records on Broadway

This Dimple location isn’t really known for its vinyl selection, but a look into their 10 foot plus row of new vinyl is worth it if you’re into the current onslaught of musical goons or those heavy-ass, 180-gram reissues.  Cool thing about Dimple is that some of the stuff is marked down to a more approachable price and you can walk away with some great new records for cheap.  The used record section on the bottom is kinda pointless unless you wanna start that Chicago collection you’ve been thinking about.

2500 16th St, (916) 441-2500


The K Street spot basically crammed into the old Tower Video.   Records everywhere.  All walks of music on vinyl, in various conditions, some for cheap, some for more than cheap.  Search and you may find.  Good place to start a record collection, though the seasoned nerds might wanna head to the new arrivals section first.  A grimy-fingered dig into that stuff might have you reaching for your wallet. And to add some extra points, the logo for “Records” was done by R. Crumb!

1618 Broadway, (916) 446-3973

Joey D’s Records (inside 57th Street Antique Mall)

Go through the front door of the mall, take your second right and you’ll spot the corner in which Joey D’s booth dwells.  Grab a milk crate and be prepared to do some meticulous diggin’ in the boxes that surround you.  You’ll find some great records, for pretty good prices.  They range from $5-$30, the better the condition, the higher the price.  Joey D knows his records, so don’t expect walking away with any “steals,” but you will walk away with some cool records, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend. Cheap-asses might walk away with empty hands.  Lots of crucial ‘60s rock n’ roll and jazz.

875 57th St, (916) 451-3110

Time Tested Books

The dig through their selection won’t take long, but it’s worth it, especially if you wouldn’t mind checking out the books as well.  TTB features a small but smart selection of all the worthy genres,at affordable prices.  A rare one here and there.  You can also find some fine examples of the now sound of the experimental/avant garde.  A few new/old 7″s too.  Look above the records and you’ve got the ‘music’ book section. More suited for a musical detour while taking a break from the literary one.

1114 21st St, (916) 447-5696

The Beat

Big selection of used and new vinyl from all good/bad genres.  The first section you’ll walk up to is the “rare vinyl.”  Nerds will want to go here first.  I must admit, the prices in this section are a lot more affordable, though you still have your “that much?!” moments.  The “used” vinyl section is a ghost town for nerds, but might be worth it for folk who want to rebuy their classics or newcomers who want to buy the classics on the cheap.  They have a big selection of new vinyl at the usual new vinyl prices. 45s as well.

1700 J St, (916) 446-4402

Medium Rare Records (inside The Urban Hive)

Go through the hall of the Urban Hive and Medium Rare Records will be to the right of the board meeting.  The records here are in such good shape that they seem more suited for the collector or hip lawyer rather than the young buck or the aforementioned cheap-ass.  That’s to say you get a heftier price tag.  But that’s not to say it’s unaffordable.  Take a quick gander and you might be surprised – for the $10 and under stuff, there’s a small but (hopefully) growing selection.  Specializes in all the classic ‘60’s stuff, plus jazz, country, etc.  And a bonus: your allergies won’t be affected in this store.

1931 H St, (916) 442-5344

Phono Select

A place with soul and not just the genre. Thee place to go to see what’s up with the current underground dwellers.  Great new vinyl selection at new vinyl prices.  Dal and Nich know the good music from the bad so you’re presented with a vital taste of what’s happening in the vinyl game.  Plus all the new 180-gram reissues, though you probably can’t get much with 10 bucks.  The used vinyl selection is decent, but the new stuff is kinda more interesting.  The rarer records are on the wall, but you might get lucky in the bargain bin. Nice selection of new 45/7″s as well (fanzines too!) -MKS

2312 K St, (916) 400-3164

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