Anton Barbeau: Psychedelic Mynde of Moses

Posted on January 6, 2011 – 1:18 AM | by OldManFoster
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It’s been several pots of Darjeeling since my last encounter with this fine lad, so it has made my flippin’ day/week/month to be gifted with a new Anton to cup cochlea to. And to the screaming young hoards and throngs of ne’er-do-well’s, I attest – no – affirm, that this is THEE one y’all been waiting for.

From the Barrett Madcap Laughs homage on the cover to the very last millisecond of audible sound, Psychedelic Mynde of Moses is a solid punt in the trousers and deserves your undivided attention. Why? Anton Barbeau is everything you love about UK psych-pop- made by a guy from Sacramento who’s living in the UK.

Influences include Syd-era Floyd, XTC, solo Lennon, Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock, Incredible String Band and heck, even early Flying Nun and Paisley Underground stuff and hey, what a cool sentence that was, huh? Nice to hear the sonics stretching out some – thumb pianos, the four-second John Bonham drum tribute (you’ll know it when you hear it), and, uh, kitchen fans. And the wordage is as confusing/enlightening as a mouthful of tongues. If somehow you can picture the half-way point between XTC’s Black Sea and ISB’s Wee Tam – which this is – you really need this album.

Psychedelic Mynde features some yahoos that you, the well-groomed loiterer, might know: Mike Urbano (studio drummer extraordinaire), Greg Brown, Allyson Seconds, Andy Metcalf (who along with Morris Winsdor are both ex-Soft Boys and Anton’s new bandmates) and Lee Amir.

Fans of Anton will be puddles of gush. Trust me. I look forward to splashing in you.

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