Album Review: Agent Ribbon’s Chateau Crone

Posted on September 30, 2010 – 7:54 AM | by OldManFoster
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Chateau Crone, Agent Ribbons’ sophomore attempt at a full-length, captures their youthful, bursting, bleeding hearts within a whirling snow globe to warm our cold, cupped hands. The record transcends their first effort through more complex blends of genre and lyrical concept.With the addition of a violinist, Chateau Crone delivers wisps of the familiar for preexisting fans to cling to, while ripening to a deeper purple on its gnarled vine. Released this month by Oakland’s Antenna Farm Records, much eye candy accompanies the record – as their bio puts it: “Each copy of Chateau Crone comes with a 24 page full-color booklet all about their future dream estate, where they can grow old together in a supportive, artistic atmosphere outside the realms of society’s oppressive expectations of aging women.” ‘Oh, La La!’ is one of those rare pieces that mutes my senses and makes me forget where I am momentarily as I float in the ether, a red helium balloon toward a blinding sun – but every song is a newly claimed treasure to ravish.

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