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Posted on August 17, 2011 – 6:50 AM | by Admin
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SML Men’s Clothing by Melody Stone

As a woman I’m pretty well versed at finding lady-type items on the grid. My husband is picky about his clothes and hates shopping, so I don’t look for men’s clothes very often. Consequently, this task -finding three different outlets for men’s fashion on the grid in three different price points- was a fun challenge. Challenge accepted:, here’s what I found for all those stylish Midtown-men out there.

SMALL: Freestyle Clothing Exchange

Maybe it’s time to go through your closet and get rid of all those great pieces you never wore or that just don’t fit right anymore – take them down to Freestyle Clothing Exchange and cash them in for a great new fall look. Basically, this “small” may be so cheap it’s free. You can find great deals on second-hand clothing at Freestyle for boys and men alike. They have an expansive selection of buttons ups, t-shirts, jeans, shoes and outerwear – as well as a great 50%-off rack!

$15-$30, 2101 L Street, (916) 441-3733        

MEDIUM: Ed’s Threads – Vintage and Timeless Clothing

Edward A. Castro opened Ed’s Threads more than 30 years ago and has been providing the male citizens of Midtown with an amazing selection of vintage suits, sweaters, shirts, hats and generally awesome attire. Choose from his rainbow array of vintage sweaters or find that perfect tweed suit to complete your autumn look. Castro’s been in the business so long he’s a wealth of knowledge about men’s fashion, past and present (but mostly past).   “It’s a labor of love, [but] I have a passion for clothing,” Castro said, “I like being my own boss, the hours are right, and occasionally I make money.”

Average shirt $25
Suits start at $125

1125 21st Street

(916) 446-8138


LARGE: R. Douglas Custom Clothiers

This “large” is all about lavish quality and less about extravagant pricing. Ryan Douglas Hammons, the designer behind R. Douglas Custom Clothier, has a passion to provide exceptional fit and custom tailoring at an affordable competitive price. “It started out as my own need for custom tailoring, because of my size,” Hammons said, referring to his slim build. After he suited up a few clients the word got around and people started coming to Hammons for custom sizing and unique suit details. He said he never expected it to turn into a full-time job.  After he creates the patterns in auto-cad, a type of design software, Hammons sends the orders to a factory overseas where some of the big name suits are crafted.  “I leave nothing to my tailors to determine,” Hammons said about managing the creative process. “It’s more of contour experience instead of a custom tailoring experience.”  In four to five weeks you get a perfectly fitted designer suit at a department store price.

$699 – $2,500 for a suit

Median price point is $1,000

Custom shirts for $99 and he just launched a custom shoe line starting at $300 (916) 524-9274

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