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Posted on February 2, 2011 – 11:46 AM | by OldManFoster
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By Sarah Singleton  Photos by Scott Duncan

Peter Hoey’s first beer was a Miller Genuine Draft, and he wasn’t impressed.  Later he got his hands on a Rogue Shakespeare Stout and decided that beer was something to get excited about.  And those of us who love to drink beer are glad that he did.

At just 19, Hoey realized what he wanted to do with his life—brew beer.  Good beer.  In the relatively short time since, he attended the American Brewer’s Guild trade school, worked at Sierra Nevada as a brewer, and was a brew master at both Bison Brewery in Berkeley and at Sacramento Brewing Company, where he was awarded several medals of distinction, including Best in Show at the California State Fair and top honors at the World Beer Cup.  He’s gone on to teach classes for the Brewer’s Guild as well as for the renowned brewer’s program at UC Davis.

After Sac Brewing closed in 2009, Hoey decided to spread his wings and begin making beer on his own – first with the Odonata label (he is no longer affiliated), and currently on his own. Straight out of the gates, Hoey’s beers have been winners.  In 2009, named “Rorie’s Ale” one of their Top 100.  This beer was named for Hoey’s daughter, and was aged in port barrels, provided by his brother Dennis Hoey, who is a winemaker.  But wait, where is the beer named for his newborn son?  Not to worry, “Liam’s Ale” will be out sometime this year.

Hoey has a special fondness for his flagship beer, Saison, a Belgian-style brew made from wheat, malted barley, rolled oats, hops, and yeast—the same yeast used by the renowned Saison Dupont.  “It’s a joy to drink” he says, “It’s very balanced…a high-end everyday drinker”.  Saison beer also appeals to wine connoisseurs, according to Hoey.  It has some of the complexities and characteristics of wine that make it a favorite to pair with food.  “It’s an affordable luxury”.

When asked about the creative aspect of brewing, Hoey said “there are only two breweries in the world that have proprietary grain fields.  All the rest buy their grains from the same sources.  That means there are literally thousands of beers made from the very same ingredients.  It’s what you do with those ingredients that makes the magic.”

It’s only fitting that Sacramento’s own homegrown brewer is making some special brews for Sacramento’s 2nd annual Beer Week.  Some of the brews that will be available are a Belgian Golden Ale (similar to Duvel), a double IPA, Rosa (a sour ale), and an Imperial stout.  (See sidebar for events)

Hoey will be on hand at all of the events featuring his beers during beer week.  But if you don’t get the chance to meet him, just wait.  Rumor has it that Hoey will be looking to open his own brewery location some time in 2011.

A Sampling of Beer Week events featuring Peter Hoey beers:

2/24—Beer Week Opening Gala. All local breweries.
Crocker Art Museum, 216 O Street. Food by Culinary Specialists.

2/25—“Franklin” Double IPA release
Pangaea Café, 2743 Franklin Boulevard, 6:00 p.m.

2/26—“Sourfest” featuring Rosa Sour Ale
Samuel Horne’s Tavern, 719 Sutter Street, Folsom

2/27—Imperial Stout release

Stout-featured food specials (stout float, anyone?)
Dad’s Kitchen, 2968 Freeport Boulevard, 12:00 noon.

3/2/11-Crescendo Beer Dinner
Multi-Course dinner featuring all of the new Peter Hoey beers.
Food at the new ‘13’ restaurant by Adam Pechal, in the former Chanterelle, 1300 H Street.  Reception at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets available through Tuli Bistro.

TBA—Belgian Golden Ale release
‘Nixie’—Belgian Strong Dark Ale

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    By Rick on Feb 5, 2011 | Reply

    Peter is one of the most talented brewers this region has ever seen – and he’s still so friggin’ young! This man will do so much to put Sacramento beer back on the map – cannot wait to see what his future in Sacramento beer holds.

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    By Albrecht on Mar 1, 2011 | Reply

    This piece mentions that Hoey is no longer affiliated with Odonata, but their website (and everyone I’ve spoken with at beer week) doesn’t seem to know it. Is this an error?

  4. avatar

    By OldManFoster on Mar 2, 2011 | Reply

    According to Mr Hoey he is no longer with Odonata.

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    By Mickey Santangelo on Jun 2, 2011 | Reply

    Anyone know how to get of Mr. Hoey for some business info?

  6. avatar

    By Sarah Singleton on Jun 3, 2011 | Reply

    I finally just reached him through the magic of Facebook.

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