Lights, Camera, Sacto!

Posted on January 8, 2012 – 8:25 PM | by Admin
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Horror Movie Hotbed

With serial killers such as Richard Trenton Chase – the cannibalistic “Vampire of Sacramento,” Morris Solomon the Handyman Killer, and the infamous Dorothea Puente on F Street (not to mention Bob Wilkins’ Creature Features) it’s perhaps not surprising that our city has become a hotbed of horror movie-making.

Jonathan Morken started out making self-proclaimed “grindhouse” shorts in 1997,but his Apprehensive Films has grown into a B-movie empire, continuing to produce their own films while also distributing classic horror and exploitation flicks, not to mention Mr. Lobo’s long running show.

The Trash Film Orgy celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011, as well as the release of its full-length feature incredibly impressive film: a real treat for folks who like their horror with tongue firmly in cheek…until someone cuts it out with a rusty razor.

But if Sacramento has a Godfather of horror films, it’s Bob Moricz, who wrote, produced, directed, edited, and often starred in more horror shorts – and several features – than probably even he can count. Sadly, Bob is no longer with us. Oh, don’t worry. He’s still alive. He just moved to Portland a few years back. But Bob has nothing but love for thetown that inspired him to make such classics as MIDNIGHT OF MY LIFE and PALACE OF STAINS. “Sacramento is the Mecca for Madness…a fountain of depravity. It is a fantastic and underappreciated place, and it was pivotal in my development as a filmmaker.”

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    By Jennifer on Jan 14, 2012 | Reply

    What an interesting look at the film history of Sacramento. I had no idea there was so much taking place back then. Well done.

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    By joe on Feb 23, 2012 | Reply

    You forgot “The Art of Travel” and “The Ugly Truth”

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