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Posted on July 22, 2008 – 4:56 PM | by OldManFoster
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SPCA Cat Adoptathon
Sacramento SPCA
July 10 – July 13
6201 Florin-Perkins Road, Sacramento

On a recent Saturday evening while walking home from a club I discovered a kitten in the street and brought it home. Despite wanting to keep my new friend I knew my old canine companion would have none of it and so I adopted her out. Although I wasn’t able to keep the little cat I was thrilled to know that I rescued it from the street and delivered it to a new home. While those of you out there reading this right now might not find an adorable new kitty sitting in the middle of Broadway you will most definitely find one at the SPCA’s four day Cat Adoptathon. During the adoptathon adoption fees will be reduced to just $40 an animal and two cats can be adopted for the price of one. The $40 fee includes, spay/neuter surgery, the first set of vaccinations, a microchip, behavior assistance, a feline leukemia test, a certificate for a free veterinary visit and more. This is a great way to bring a better life to a needy animal and score a loving new companion.

California Lawyers for the Arts and The Crocker Museum present:
Understanding the Small Print, Buying and Selling Art
Crocker Art Museum
July 19th 1-3pm
216 O Street, Sacramento

Are you a local artist who is unclear as to your legal rights when buying and selling work? Or conversely, are you a collector looking to add to or start an art collection without getting soaked? Whether you are an artist interested in selling your work or a collector looking to buy, California Lawyers for the Arts is offering this workshop to help clarify the risks and rights that you may encounter in this art market. Speakers include Shirley Dubnick, of the renowned Solomon Dubnick Gallery, and Steven Davis, intellectual property and art law attorney of the law firm of Davis and Leonard.

Ride On!
July 10th 5pm
1014 10th Street, Sacramento

Ever cruised around this great little city of ours and wondered how you might be able to do your part to make the world at large a better place without trotting the globe? Well Temple has an outstanding solution to both better the world and while away an afternoon cycling around town. Ride On! will be a 5 card draw bike poker game involving 5 downtown/midtown businesses who will be stops on the ride where each rider will draw a card. The stops include Cuffs Urban Apparel, City Bicycle Works, Alley Cuts, and Bows and Arrows. At the end, the riders will come to Temple to play a giant poker game, with prizes going to the winners. In addition there will be a raffle for great stuff donated from local businesses. All proceeds go to Bikes to Rwanda. For more info on BTR and how great it is for the co-op small farm coffee community in Rwanda go to www.bikestorwanda.com

Midnight MassMidnight Mass
Cal Expo 
July 26, 4pm – Midnight
1600 Exposition Blvd

Local hot rod/kustom car club the Poor Boys are back again with their annual nighttime car show, the Midnight Mass.  This is the 5th year for the show, and, as the club proudly points out, the 5th location.  Sure, the event has been growing steadily, but the moves have largely been in response to the, let’s say ‘gregarious’ nature of many of the participants.  We spent about six hours at last year’s event, gawking at all sorts of homebrew hot rods and customs.  Well, I spent the time gawking—editor Liv Moe spent most of the time ducking hoards of knuckle-dragging misanthropes who seemed a lot more like juggalos than gearheads.  If you can get past the neanderthals you’re in for a treat.  The Midnight Mass showcases ‘traditional’ rods and kustoms… cars built to evoke the classic era of automotive restyling.. say 1938-1964. Most of the cars are homebuilt in the DIY tradition and the best of the customs echo classic Westergard and Bertolucci designs. Godawful modern streetrod gunk like billet wheels and digital gauges are strictly verboten, and trailer queens are only welcome if your cam is so hot that your full race drag engine won’t run at less than 3500 rpm.  There are a pile of bands, and topping the list are legendary rockabilly punks the Blasters.  Show car entries are $10, but walk ins are FREE after you fork over the Cal Expo parking fee.

For more info go to www.theoriginalpoorboys.com or call 916 705 8001

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