Gift Guide: Beer’s Books

Posted on December 4, 2011 – 5:41 AM | by Admin
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You’d think that in an age of Kindles, iPads, and Macbook Airs it would be easy to forget about your neighborhood used bookstore. Beers Books is one of my X-mas staples; without it my husband would be many, many graphic novels poorer, my mom and sister would be lacking in the food writing department, and my pop would be a few westerns short of a full bookcase. Beers is arguably Sacramento’s most comprehensive used bookstores, offering a library-sized collection of used and new books with an equal amount of organization. Things like art and food take up multiple cases with everything from criticism and monographs to history and profiles in almost all subjects. Couple this with reasonable prices and it’s no wonder the store is celebrating its 75th year of operation.  Beers Books is an excellent spot for everyone on your list as well as a necessary respite from the hustle and bustle of box stores. On a cold holiday afternoon a nice quiet used bookstore feels like heaven on earth. -LM

915 S Street, (916) 442-9475,

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