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Posted on June 3, 2010 – 7:21 AM | by OldManFoster
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Le Petit Paris
1221 19th Street,
(916) 446-3639

I freaking love Paris.  I went there last year and I’m ready to return—just as soon as I earn enough free airline miles.  I sorely miss the baguette sandwiches, the patisseries, the fromageries, the tiny wine shops, and the rotisserie chickens that were spinning away right there on the street.  Oh yeah, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre were cool too.

In the meantime, I’m thankful that Midtown Sacramento has our own tiny version right on 19th Street.  Part boutique/part café, you can first peruse beautiful Parisian (read: expensive) clothing, home décor and toiletries, and then cozy up on an antique saggy velvet sofa and sip a cup of rich coffee and indulge in a pain du chocolat or croissant….  or perhaps sit in the back garden and partake in a delightful lunch and a sweet treat (read:  not expensive).

The latter is what I like to do while visiting Le Petit Paris.  A sunny, spring afternoon, a rickety bistro set and a nice tartine or salad is just the thing when I’m longing for Paris. Not familiar with the tartine?  A tartine is a French open-faced baguette sandwich, with any variety of goodies on top.  My favorite is the standard:  ham and Gruyere, served with Dijon and cornichons.  Another standout is the beet and goat cheese.  The salad with goat cheese on toast was fresh and good, but served awkwardly in a small, deep bowl, making it difficult to eat.  Le Petit also has soup and quiche on the menu, and is now serving beer and wine as well.

Don’t deprive yourself of a Parisian macaron or three, either.  They’re tiny and practically made of air so don’t worry about the calorie count.  They’ve got six different flavors to try:  Chocolate, lavender-apricot, pistachio, framboise (raspberry), coconut-passion fruit and café (coffee).  My favorites are the cafe and the pistachio, but you should taste them and find out for yourself.  –SS

Sac Crawfish
6835 Stockton Blvd, Suite 450
(916) 422-7883

A recent New York Times article written by John T. Edge traced the genesis of the wave of Crawfish restaurants operated by Vietnamese immigrants in America.  The author asserts that many Vietnamese  emigrated to the Louisiana area after the Vietnam War and, consequently, these restaurants serve the shellfish with a mixture of Lousiana and Vietnamese-style seasonings. We have one of these hybrid restaurants in Sacramento-Sac Crawfish.

Sac Crawfish has zero ambiance and it’s mostly staffed by tweens.  Note that I didn’t say “sullen tweens”.  They were nice enough, but would occasionally blast a hip-hop song during the meal.

One orders shellfish-either crawfish, clams, or shrimp, by the pound.  The critters are served in plastic bags, soaking in butter and garlic.  Bibs and gloves are available.

The crawfish were muddy tasting and not as good as ones I’ve had from the farmer’s market.  I asked for spicy and they were hot indeed.  The shrimp were better-very sweet and firm.

Check Sac Crawfish out if you like enjoy the animalistic pleasure of cracking claws and twisting off tails to get to your dinner, and if you don’t mind getting completely messy.   A tip: if you have a cat, it can lick you clean when you arrive home.  -BG

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