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Farm Fresh

By Guphy Gustafson

Sacramento has a fruitful country music past, far too rich to recount in its entirety here. Much of our early country history revolves around three families: Bob Wills and relations, Johnny and June Carter Cash and The Andersons. Read more »

Musical Chairs

Sometimes people just call Chris Teichman and his brother Brad “the twins” (due to their identical status), which is kind of messed up, but it doesn’t help that these dudes are always in bands together. Read more »


By Tony King  Photo by Laura Curtis

It’s not often that a musician will tell you that they have no interest in landing a deal with a record label – preferring instead to navigate their music career on their own terms. Read more »

Audio Art Assault

By Tony King Photo by Ed Goldthorde

What exactly is “noise music”? Isn’t music—a collection of notes, rhythms and melodies—already noise by definition? Technically yes, but go further down the musical rabbit hole, and you’ll find a subset of musicians that eschew the rigidity of standard song structure in order manipulate blips, bleeps, clangs and feedback into conceptually chaotic and beautiful sound sculptures.

This, then, is noise music. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Ann Tindall

When ’60s/’70s fashion fanatic Ann Tindall launched her fabulous Annimal House blog at the beginning of this year, it seemed like the whole world suddenly took notice.  Features in the Huffington Post and the Bee made Sacramento scratch its collective head and say, “wow. Who IS this chick?” Read more »

Reader’s Choice:Music

Compiled by William Burg, Tim Foster, Becky Grunewald, Michele Hebert,
Niki Kangas, Anthony King, Liv Moe, Sarah Singleton and Melody Stone

Photos by Scott Duncan

Last up: Music. Most of the Midtown folks we know are rabid music fans, so no surprise that the Music categories would be some of the most hotly contested areas of our survey. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Jonah Matranga

Though singer-songwriter/emo hero Jonah Matranga wasn’t born here and hasn’t lived in town for a long time, we still consider him an honorary Sacramentan. After all, his breakthrough band Far was formed here, cutting their teeth at local venues like the Cattle Club and Old I before moving on to fame and semi-fortune. Read more »

Left of the Dial

By William Burg  Photos by Scott Duncan

On Saturday, August 13, Sacramento’s Rock and Radio Museum will celebrate its grand reopening at its new location, 907 20th Street, a space formerly occupied by 20th Street Gallery. Read more »

This DAM Haus

By Dennis Yudt Photo courtesy of Todd Urick
Standing in the middle of a pair of adjoining rooms in the DAM Haus, the legendary Davis, CA non-venue that has hosted performances by hundreds of touring and local bands over the past 22 years,

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Blank City Sacramento

The Warhol Economy, Blank City, and a flyer

Blank City Sacramento

On July 15, I attended two very similar events that showcased the underground New York arts scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s: Midtown Business Association’s annual gala at Harlow’s, and Verge Gallery’s premiere of “Blank City” at the Crest Theatre. Both spurred discussion about the factors behind the creative environment that emerged from a dangerous, decaying neighborhood during the nadir of New York’s greater economy, and what that might mean for arts scenes in cities like Sacramento.

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