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West End Jazz

By William Burg
Photos courtesy of Keith Burns


In the 1940s, Sacramento’s West End was filled with the sounds of jazz. Based around M Street (renamed Capitol Avenue by 1940), the neighborhood was radically changed by the start of World War II, the forced relocation of Sacramento’s thousands of Japanese Americans to internment camps, and a migration of African Americans to Sacramento. Many of these migrants came from the Southern states for jobs in Sacramento’s railroad shops and canneries, or at nearby airfields and Army bases. Some purchased businesses from the departing Japanese, opening a variety of businesses, but the best known were the jazz clubs. These clubs became so popular they crossed racial barriers and made Sacramento a stop on the touring circuit for the greatest jazz musicians of the 20th century.
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Fine Steps

By Dennis Yudt  Photo by Scott Duncan

While walking up a flight of stairs to a quiet room to talk about his band, Fine Steps guitarist/singer/songwriter Julian Elorduy expresses that he wishes he could start a few other groups. Read more »

Musical Chairs – January 2012

What to say about RSO?  Let’s just narrow it down to a few facts:  An artist himself, he also curates the art at Bows and Arrows. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Holiday Music

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Peaches & Herb Drink Beer & Review Some CDs








After another victorious round for the unofficial MidMo pub trivia team, handing defeat once again to the dreaded Team America; a table of empty pint glasses and ashtrays besoddened with butts told us that we had another task to prepare for – the bi-annual reviewing of CDs sent to the MidMo Corporate HQ. Read more »

Gift Guide: Vinyl Tap

It’s early and/or late December. You’re staring down a newly acquired gift certificate to a record store. Your new significant other loves records. You notice your grandson’s clothes are getting tighter and he’s listening to music that YOU used to listen to, on a RECORD PLAYER no less. What do you do? Well, why not read this article? Read more »

Musical Chairs – David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk (pronounced Coal-check) is a Sacramento-based freelance writer who is probably best known for his book Death in California, published in 2009.  Read more »

Donnie Jupiter

By Ed Hunter  Photo by Scott Duncan

Musician and Artist Donald Marquez, AKA Donnie Jupiter, has been on the Sacramento creative scene for nearly four decades.  Read more »

Sacramento Underground Music From A-Z

By Dennis Yudt

I have had a love affair with our Sacramento music scene since first discovering it as a wee lad back in 1979. By the next year, I was in my first band and I haven’t looked back since. Read more »

Rock the Alhambra!

By William Burg  Photos by Doug Taggart

The story of the Alhambra Theatre, the 1927 Moorish Revival picture palace demolished to make way for a Safeway, is familiar to most Sacramentans, but the work by Sacramento’s rock musicians to save the theater is little-known. Read more »