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Scout Living

By Michele Hébert     Photos by Scott Duncan

Vintage furniture and knicknackery is relatively easy to find in Sacramento: we have the 57th Street Antique Mall, The Antique Co. on 21st and X, Taber’s on Del Paso Boulevard, and the monthly Antique Faire under the freeway. Read more »

Gift Guide: Cookbook Roundup

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Gift Guide: Crocker Gift Shop

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Gift Guide: Mixed Bag

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Gift Guide: The Gifted Gardener

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Gift Guide: Viking Hobby

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Gift Guide: Vinyl Tap

It’s early and/or late December. You’re staring down a newly acquired gift certificate to a record store. Your new significant other loves records. You notice your grandson’s clothes are getting tighter and he’s listening to music that YOU used to listen to, on a RECORD PLAYER no less. What do you do? Well, why not read this article? Read more »

Gift Guide: Beer’s Books

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Gift Guide: Paul Brown Massage Therapy Pain Relief Center

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Sam Kanelos

By James W. Cameron  Photo by Scott Duncan

Vintage images courtesy Alan O’Connor

Sam Kanelos is in his monthly luncheon meeting with old high school and baseball buddies, some of whom he’s known for over sixty years.  Lunch is just coming to a close and in a few minutes he breaks away for our meeting. Read more »