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Bottle List

By Bob Masullo  Photos by Scott Duncan

Bacchus, the Roman wine god, certainly must have a warm spot in his heart for Sacramentans. Read more »

Zin City

By Niki Kangas

Lodi, world-renowned for its old vine Zinfandels, is the perfect home to a dizzying variety of grapes. Read more »


By Melody Stone  Photo by Scott Duncan

Bryan Widener saw a hole in the Sacramento doughnut market and went about filling it. Read more »

Restaurants, Revisited

By Becky Grunewald

I’ve been writing about food for Midtown Monthly for a long damn time – five years. It’s been quite a journey from obscure blogger to…semi-obscure freelance food writer.  Read more »

Wine Picks – October 2011

By Michele Hébert

Read more »

On the Hunt for Sacramento’s Filipino Cuisine

By Sarah Singleton  photos by Scott Duncan

Bold.  Sweet.  Sour.  Salty.  While other Asian cuisines feature one or two of these characteristics, the food of the Philippines delivers these flavors all at once, often in the same dish.  Read more »

Wine Picks- September 2011

By Michele Hébert

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Wine Picks – August 2011

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Reader’s Choice: Food + Drink

We’ve opted to break our Reader’s Choice survey winners into sections so they’re easier to digest, and first up are Eats + Drinks Read more »

Mexican All Over the Map

By Becky Grunewald  Photos by Scott Duncan & Becky Grunewald

One of the great things about Sacramento’s diverse population is that we have ethnic enclaves that are big enough to have reached the tipping point at which you get the really interesting food. Read more »