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Lucky Star: Clayton Bailey’s World of Wonders

By Tim Foster

Thank Robert Arneson.

It was Arneson who invited an obscure Midwestern ceramicist to cover a few of his classes at UC Davis, thus introducing Clayton Bailey to northern California – just in time to take his place in art history.  Read more »

Sacramento, City of a Beer

By Dennis Yudt

When the Sacramento: City of a Beer 7” EP came out in the late spring of 1998, it was intended to be a document of the Midtown punk scene that had centered around The Loft, the now legendary/infamous performance space that inhabited a 15’ x 30’ room behind Time Tested Books on 21st Street. The six bands featured – The Bananas, Nar, The Lazy J’s, Karate Party, The Transplants and Los Huevos – exemplified the “Sacto Punx” sound: irreverent and smart-alecky lo-fi songs that had a broken heart of pop Read more »

Anton Barbeau: Psychedelic Mynde of Moses

It’s been several pots of Darjeeling since my last encounter with this fine lad, so it has made my flippin’ day/week/month to be gifted with a new Anton to cup cochlea to. And to the screaming young hoards and throngs of ne’er-do-well’s, I attest – no – affirm, that this is THEE one y’all been waiting for. Read more »

Album Review: Agent Ribbon’s Chateau Crone

Read more »

I Do Love Dim Sum

By Becky Grunewald   photos by Scott Duncan

People tend to get very passionate about dim sum.  A prominent local food reviewer has even gone so far as to call himself, in print, a “dim sum slut”-many, many times.  I would never go that far-in fact, I might even argue that that phrase makes no damn sense – but I do love dim sum. Read more »

Bud’s Buffet

story and photos by Sarah Singleton

Have you ever wondered if you get enough meat in your diet?  If you’re not sure, then you probably don’t.  And if this is the case, I recommend that you begin to remedy this situation by visiting Bud’s Buffet on a weekly basis.  They’ll take care of you. Read more »

“Just Like Grandma Used to Make?”

by Becky Grunewald    photos by Jesse Vasquez

Old Timey is good for some things, such as fashion, music, furniture, and grandpappies, and terrible for others: race relations, female orgasm frequency, space travel.  Is old timey good for food?  It depends. Read more »