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Musical Chairs – January 2012

What to say about RSO?  Let’s just narrow it down to a few facts:  An artist himself, he also curates the art at Bows and Arrows. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Holiday Music

Read more »

Musical Chairs – David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk (pronounced Coal-check) is a Sacramento-based freelance writer who is probably best known for his book Death in California, published in 2009.  Read more »

Musical Chairs

Sometimes people just call Chris Teichman and his brother Brad “the twins” (due to their identical status), which is kind of messed up, but it doesn’t help that these dudes are always in bands together. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Ann Tindall

When ’60s/’70s fashion fanatic Ann Tindall launched her fabulous Annimal House blog at the beginning of this year, it seemed like the whole world suddenly took notice.  Features in the Huffington Post and the Bee made Sacramento scratch its collective head and say, “wow. Who IS this chick?” Read more »

Musical Chairs – Jonah Matranga

Though singer-songwriter/emo hero Jonah Matranga wasn’t born here and hasn’t lived in town for a long time, we still consider him an honorary Sacramentan. After all, his breakthrough band Far was formed here, cutting their teeth at local venues like the Cattle Club and Old I before moving on to fame and semi-fortune. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Susan Moll

Sue Moll is a force of nature in feminine form (36-27-39, she informs us) who has been writing about music for somewhere over 13 years, Read more »

Musical Chairs, Trish Consunji

Trish Consunji is a writer, music nut and travel addict, so it seemed natural to combine all three in Travel to Music, a blog that was “part concert review and mostly personal concert experience.” Read more »

Musical Chairs, May 2011

Bill Hughes

We were stoked to get this submission from local author, poet and well-known Doors groupie William J Hughes. In addition to being an official ‘Midtown character,’ Bill is the author of a new novel, Salud, Read more »

Musical Chairs, April 2011

Daniel Barnes

This isn’t the first time SNR’s longtime film reviewer Dan Barnes has written for MidMo, but it is the first time he’s waxed on something not related to the Silver Screen for us. Read more »