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Daytrip: San Francisco

Story and Photos by Niki Kangas

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Daytrip: Marin Headlands

story and photos by Niki Kangas

Across the banks of the red bluffs, a gentle but unyielding breeze coaxes tall marshy grasses into a tidy comb-over; rainbows of shaking wildflowers bow reverently to the sea. A net of haze blurs the ocean and sky into a blue beyond compare, and there are sighs all around in the company I keep. Amen, we are out of town! Read more »

Daytrip: Munnerlyn’s and More

Story and photos by Dean Seavers

In Sacramento at least, ice cream parlor patronage is almost like a religious affiliation. Whether you are a Burrist, a Guntherite or a Vicsian, odds are that you are one of the “true believers” of the ice cream world. Being an avowed Guntherite, I must cop to the somewhat condescending attitude of harboring either pity or suspicion toward anyone who will gladly consume chain store ice cream. You must either be living in confectionary ignorance or you’re the ice cream version of those “spiritual, but not religious” types. I’ll light a candle for you. Read more »

Soak it Up!

Story and photos by Dani Kando-Kaiser

When the not-so-insignificant chill of Sacramento winter hits, a lot of folks head for a long weekend to some golden Orange County beach or the year-round warmth of Joshua Tree. Nice idea, but all that time in the car, still freezing my tuckus off….. no thanks! Winter bliss for me is soaking in a hot pool of water with steam rising around me and hopefully a bit of rain sprinkling down.  Luckily, Northern California is littered with a ton of terrific hot springs and winter is the best time to visit them. Read more »

Sierra Hot Springs

by Becky Grunewald

Sierra Hot Springs is located north of Truckee, about 2 and half hours northeast of Sacramento.  It’s a short jaunt from the teeny town of Sierraville, down a dirt road.  As I approached the large, handsome frame house that serves as both check-in station and inn, I caught an immediate blissed-out hippy vibe Read more »

Amador County Daytrip

Story and photos by Liv Moe

Amador County is a region I’ve spent a lot of time in over that past few years. Between cute little towns like Sutter Creek, Amador City, and Jackson, wine tasting in the Shenandoah Valley, and Christmas tree procurement in Sloughhouse, one could visit the area at least once every season and never run short of things to do. Read more »

Alameda Daytrip

Pampered PupWhen you think about heading for the Bay Area you probably think of San Francisco foremost, and then maybe you’ll make a side trip to the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, or to Chinatown in Oakland, but have you ever thought about spending the day in Alameda? Alameda is sunny, cheap, and friendly, and you won’t have to wait in line or spend an hour trying to find parking. Read more »