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Lucky Star: Clayton Bailey’s World of Wonders

By Tim Foster

Thank Robert Arneson.

It was Arneson who invited an obscure Midwestern ceramicist to cover a few of his classes at UC Davis, thus introducing Clayton Bailey to northern California – just in time to take his place in art history.  Read more »

Musical Chairs – January 2012

What to say about RSO?  Let’s just narrow it down to a few facts:  An artist himself, he also curates the art at Bows and Arrows. Read more »

Musical Chairs – Holiday Music

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Wine Picks -December 2011

By Michele Hébert

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Wine Picks- Novermber 2011

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Musical Chairs – David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk (pronounced Coal-check) is a Sacramento-based freelance writer who is probably best known for his book Death in California, published in 2009.  Read more »

Incoming! Random Abiladeze w/ Bread Fam, DJ Professor K – Thurs, 10/6

I should be seeing a ton more hip-hop shows than I have, especially in this town where it’s so often thriving. I stumbled upon Random Abiladeze by accident a few years ago, and what a rewarding accident it’s been. This guy is a prophet – so down to earth, so articulate, so humble and cool and full of joy; an inspiration, to anyone smart enough to pay attention. He also SLAYS on the microphone! Come hear his hilariously scary “Walk Into My Office” and more, backed by a live band called Bread Fam, which he says “is a long inside joke from my alter ego, Mayne E. Savage…I’m ‘Raisin Bread’, Brian is ‘Wheat Bread’, Sam Phelps is ‘Rye Bread’, Matt Klee is ‘Sour Dough’, Cole Dutcher is ‘Wonder Bread’, and Tommy Garcia is ‘Pita Bread’.” Whatever the in-joke may be, this is the nutrition of a positive future – have yourself a slice.

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, 129 E St, Davis, 8PM, $5, 21+

Incoming! Alak, French Quarter, No Babies, Whitman, MOM – Weds. 10/5

A spattering of the most unique, charming, and challenging folk-ish music, plus the annoying, angular, shove-this-party-up-your-ass No Babies, plus the frightening and wonderful antics of MOM, equal a damn good Wednesday night in Davis. ‘Nuff said.

Villanova House, Davis, 7PM

Wine Picks – October 2011

By Michele Hébert

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Musical Chairs

Sometimes people just call Chris Teichman and his brother Brad “the twins” (due to their identical status), which is kind of messed up, but it doesn’t help that these dudes are always in bands together. Read more »