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February Art Picks: Christoper Taggart Interview

Last month in this space I ran a preview of Time Fugitives, the new show at CCAS by artist Christopher Taggart, one of the brightest lights of the northern California art scene. Taggart’s art is process heavy, but there’s more than a simple ‘how long did that take?’ factor at work – the finished pieces are striking, savvy and sometimes, very funny. Taggart works in many mediums, but one constant thread is his fascination with perception. Whether he’s making a massive sewn-paper sculpture of a football, a ‘drawing’ (consisting of hundreds/thousands of smaller drawings) on aluminum sheet, or self portraits assembled from portraits of other people who share his name, Taggart is playing with both visual perceptions (often in the form of pixelization) and perception based on assumption.

Taggart will speak about his work on February 11 and he agreed to answer a few questions for MM here. Read more »

Art Picks- January 2012

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Lucky Star: Clayton Bailey’s World of Wonders

By Tim Foster

Thank Robert Arneson.

It was Arneson who invited an obscure Midwestern ceramicist to cover a few of his classes at UC Davis, thus introducing Clayton Bailey to northern California – just in time to take his place in art history.  Read more »

Film Fests

by Sarah Singleton

There’s more to movies in Sacramento than what’s playing at the local Megaplex.  You can stay immersed in film culture by attending just a few film festivals per year.  Now how to choose…? Read more »

Art Picks – December 2011

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New Terminal Velocity

By James W. Cameron

A trip to the airport can be stressful at any time, but a visit during the chaos of Holiday travel season takes everything up a notch.  But, for Sacramentans there is good news: the new Sacramento terminal is the antidote for the holiday blues, Read more »

Gift Guide: Crocker Gift Shop

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Art Picks- November 2011

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DIY Design

by Sarah Hansel  Photos by Scott Duncan

Aside from the stylish sign above the door that reads “Asbestos Press,” the shed in Laura Edmisten’s Curtis Park backyard looks like…well, a backyard shed. Inside, however, it’s a different story. Read more »

Art Picks, October 2011

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