Wild & Wonderful

Posted on October 30, 2010 – 6:10 AM | by Bella Q
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Wild & Wonderful at the historic Crest Theatre

Old Man Foster introduces Director Nitzberg for some Q & A

Last Thursday, we enjoyed a special showing at the Crest Theatre of The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia with the director Julien Nitzberg in attendance. This witty and compelling documentary captures a year in the life of West Virginia’s Boone County bad-boys, and bad-women, of the White family. A cinema darling on the film festival circuit, The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia caught the eye of Robert DeNiro at his Tribeca film festival, and he arranged for the movie’s distribution.

At the end of the showing, Mr. Nitzberg got up for a little Q&A. Like the tone in the film, Nitzberg came off as smart, witty, and respectful towards his subjects. He is still in touch with the family and shared a few updates, the news mixed with both melancholy and humor.

In case you didn’t have a chance to enjoy it on the big screen, you can still see it on the little one. The film is now available on DVD, and it’s available via Netflix, your choice: DVD or live-streaming.

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