Posted on September 12, 2011 – 11:45 PM | by livmoe
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Chris Macias over at the Sac Bee has confirmed mumblings that Red Lotus closed Sunday night. The restaurant which specialized in small plates inspired by Chinese dim sum was the brain child of Kru executive chef Billy Ngo. I am deeply, deeply sadden to hear of the closing of one the most innovative, satisfying and delicious menus to hit the grid. This past Friday I treated Midmo’s Sactorialist to a birthday dinner at the restaurant which did not disappoint. We feasted on succulent dumplings, lemongrass crab chow fun, chili shrimp, and a wonderful albacore dish accented with popcorn shoots – that’s right popcorn shoots which were sweet, starchy and the epitome of that innovation I just mentioned.

With every item that came out we were left marveling at the creativity that marks each dish. Red Lotus was a restaurant many of us at Midmo have been very excited about and will be sad to see go. I plan on making a visit to Kru in the near future and I hope to see some of the fabulous fare at Red Lotus make the migration over if even as the occasional daily special. In the meantime our very best to Ngo and his team and I’ll be dreaming of that kimchi fried rice…..

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    By Beth on Sep 20, 2011 | Reply

    Yes, I would really like to see that kimchi fried rice turn up on another menu somewhere. I am really heartbroken by this closure — they had amazing food, great beer, fantastic service. They were even (unexpectedly) kid-friendly. It’s a big loss for midtown.

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    By markhanz on Oct 2, 2011 | Reply

    I’m already missing the wide range of tasty dim sum, and the desserts. A truly great restaurant, looking for a replacement.

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