Thumbs up for CapStage production

Posted on May 12, 2011 – 4:34 PM | by beckler
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I started to write this post a few days ago, and then I got lazy about writing a full review, so I didn’t do it. However, I do want to recommend Jesus Hopped the A Train at Capital Stage. That’s the theater company that makes its home in my beloved Old Sac – but not for long! They are moving to Midtown. Anyhoo, their current production, which runs through May 22nd, is one of their stronger offerings this season. Not so much because of the play itself, which is good in a TV drama sort of sense (this playwright has written for TV, including the Sopranos) but for the two lead male performances. Eric Aviles, playing Angel, gives a wonderfully naturalistic performance. Thumbs up!

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