Posted on September 15, 2008 – 10:49 AM | by livmoe
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The new Verge Gallery kicked off with a bang this past 2nd Saturday with untold hundreds flowing through its doors by nights end. Work was sold, Mayor Fargo stopped by, rides were ridden, and all in all it was a perfect inaugural reception.

Sharie Lesniak of Born Free with Heather Fargo and a naked mole rat.

Fargo with the Derby Girls.

Ed from New Jersey!

The Verge’s littlest art patron.

If you haven’t been yet the space is frickin’ HUGE!!!! It will be exciting to see what the coming months bring to The Verge!

In addition to my duties at the Circus Show I was also volunteering at the opening reception for the Capital Area Studio Tour’s preview show at 1818 L street. The space was rough but in the end it turned out fabulous and like the Circus Show, boasted I don’t know how many hundreds of viewers by nights end.

After my shift at CAST I had to head back to the Verge but was in serious need of grub. My friend So and I looked around for choices – I had to park about 6 blocks away so driving somewhere seemed like a poor choice – but most every restaurant around was so pack that there were lines out the door and no where to sit.

Remembering ADK’s endorsement of the grub at Old Soul a few moments earlier we decided to head over there and were pleasantly rewarded. For a mere $14 bucks we got two delicious pulled pork sandwiches and two beers. There was plenty of room to take a load off and it was indeed the pause that refreshed.

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