Shameless Promotion of a Shameless Cry For Help

Posted on October 28, 2008 – 12:28 PM | by Niki Kangas
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Yes, it’s true that my man Jake and I own the Javalounge on 16th and Broadway, and it’s probably a conflict of interests for me to write about it, but hey, this is a blog, so sue me. Anyway, it’s unfortunately true as well that yet another midtown business is struggling to stay afloat in our whirlpool economy- that’s us.

Fortunately, there’s enough kind folks willing to play for free to help us raise money to stick around, and it’s all going down the weekend of November 8th and 9th. That also happens to be Second Saturday weekend, and we have some great art going up too by Luara Bellini to check out.

Thanks to everyone in the community who has supported us in any way, this whole endeavor has been heartwarming and VERY educational.

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