Market tour with Michael Tuohy

Posted on May 14, 2010 – 6:06 PM | by beckler
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Liv and Tim and I were pleased to be invited to tour the Wednesday Cesar Chavez Park farmer’s market with Grange chef Micael Tuohy.  This guy really knows his produce!  I was super impressed.  He knew most of the purveyors by name.  After the tour, which took about an hour, Tim high-tailed it back to work and Liv and I got to sit down for lunch at The Grange with other local food writers and bloggers.

As a side note, I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I am with wordpress’ photo-posting settings.  It has taken me an hour to make this post, probably, and the photos are just willy-nilly.  Sorry!

Here he is, with some beautiful artichokes that he later shaved into a salad for lunch. Usually I don't like when people shave into my food, but in this case it was A-OK!

The lavender dude.

The lavender dude in his natural habitat.

It was Cinco De Mayo, so I guess some sombrero sightings were inevitable. Yet still regrettable.

There's Tim, soaking it all in.

This lady was working the Gotelli cherries booth. Her family are fifth generation cherry farmers!

Sweet peas. So beautiful!

This guy's name is Friend. First name.

Fresh pea soup with creme fraiche.

This salad had raw asparagus, pickled beets and dry aged jack.

Risotto with fresh peas and shaved artichoke.

This dessert was kind of a show-stopper. Strawberry tart with house-made strawberry jam and whipped creme fraiche. There was something else going on, too, some kind of alcohol. The crunchy sugar on the crust really sent it into the stratosphere, taste-wise.

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    By beckler on May 14, 2010 | Reply

    p.s.-Ladies (and some fellows), I urge you to click on that picture of the shirtless lavender dude. Hot!

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    By Natalie on May 17, 2010 | Reply

    It just makes for a more sensual lavender.

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