Incoming! Miami Horror, Geographer, DJ Shaun Slaughter Mon, 11/28

Posted on November 28, 2011 – 5:57 AM | by Admin
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Three shows on a Monday night! What are we going to do?!!? Well, let’s discuss our options. First, we have Australia’s Miami Horror, a synth-based, clap-your-hands, it’s-always-summer-time dance band. Think Neon Indian meets Sixteen Candles, meets every young cool kid on earth. San Francisco’s Geographer has a more “Chris Isaak or the Smiths as a techno band” approach to electronic music, with a strong “back of your hand placed against your forehead as you feign fainting” vibe. Quality stuff, should be a great night if you dig this scene. But, let’s move onto option number two…

Sacramento State University Union Ballroom, 6000 J st.
7:30PM, $10 CSUS students, $15 general, all ages

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