Incoming! Melt Banana, Retox – Mon, 11/28

Posted on November 28, 2011 – 6:13 AM | by Admin
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The third choice in our Monday conundrum comes in the form of Japan’s long-loved Melt Banana. Does anyone listen to this band anymore? I’m really glad I did, once. Since ’94, their insanely spastic, incredibly fast, super tight brand of in-your-face punk rock has crossed all boundaries, leaving them in a class of their own. My head still kind of hurts from their show at Joe’s Style Shop, years ago, when a shirtless dude punched me in the back of my head, after I tried politely asking him to stop smashing into me and everyone around him. HAH! Even as a youngster, I was a boring old man. Although these tired old ears can’t quite take it anymore, I encourage anyone with an adventurous side to check out this awesome music; their live show is especially impressive, and never intentionally promotes violence!


8PM, $12, 21+

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