Incoming! Caravels, Di Bravura, Leer, Mellican Mon, 11/28

Posted on November 28, 2011 – 6:08 AM | by Admin
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Las Vegas’ Caravels has a very mid-west hardcore emo thing going on, and they do it really well. Their sound is dense and huge and powerful (except, of course, when the breakdown comes!). Sacramento’s Di Bravura is NUTS. The two songs on their split with Mane Horse sound like at least three bands playing at the same time, with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong singing over it all. Yikes. San Jose’s Leer and Santa Cruz’s Mellican will be there to up the mosh-ante. Damn good thing that Digitalis is hosting an all-ages shows; the kids need to come to this one.

Digitalis, 1115 H st.

7:30PM, $5, all ages

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