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Posted on August 10, 2010 – 2:54 PM | by Bella Q
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Last Saturday, on August 7th, the Designing Dreams fashion show took place at the Memorial Auditorium.  It was a fund-raising benefit for the Sweet Dreams foundation.  According to the event announcement, Designing Dreams was the second fashion show since the 1950’s to be held at the Memorial Auditorium, where the last collection seen was that of Coco Chanel. It showcased 7 local designers, and was the result of a collaboration with headlining designer Tiana Vega, the Sweet Dreams Foundation and the fashion PR firm, Couture Connections. Over 2000 people were expected to attend this event.

I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees, courtesy of Midtown Monthly and Couture Connections. It was thrilling to be seated in the front row and  view up close the details of their summer collections. All were women designers and included Jules Thor, Yennie Zhou, Nelli Rosh, Shamini ShnMugam, Lindsay and Rachel Smith of Linzel Couture, Melissa Kay, and Tiana Vega.

The show went smoothly and appeared to be received favorably by the crowd. Through-out the show, clapping and cheering spontaneously erupted, aimed at certain dresses and models that walked the runway. However it wasn’t mere fashion that got the crowd going. The part that received the loudest applause was the speech made by Virginia Quintel, mother of Braysen, a child who is a beneficiary of the Sweet Dreams Foundation. For more information on Sweet Dreams, go to

Text: Bella Q
Photo credits: Ernst Leyva
(This article originally appeared August 8th here.)

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