Alicea Peet Benefit Show at Blue Lamp

Posted on October 8, 2011 – 4:21 AM | by brigette
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A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine posted a panicked message online. I immediately contacted her to offer any help I could give. I found out one of her very good friends, Alicea Peet, had just been hospitalized with liver failure. One thing I’ve always loved about Sacramento is the spirit of community– and if you were ever in the hardcore community, you know this as much as anyone. Often at the center of that community is Mikey Hood (of the band Hoods, which has been playing shows since before I could drive the distance to West Coast Worldwide). Continue reading for Mikey’s experience over the past few weeks, as he has found a way to be positive after all he’s gone through this difficult time with his girlfriend Alicea and for ways you can help.

How would you describe Alicea as a person?

Alicea is a beautiful person inside and out. She is fun and can go with the flow and is down to try new things, whether it’s a different type of food, roaming around a new city, or a weird exercise class at the gym. She’s a hard worker and takes pride in her job, but remembers to take a break and relax with her friends. She is witty and has a great sense of humor, and her compassion for the world’s animal and plant life is immense.

When did you find out Alicea had been hospitalized? What was your first thought/reaction?

When I found out, I was on tour with HOODS in Texas. I had called Alicea on Friday and she had been feeling really lethargic the previous few days. I had Mama Hood roll over there and take her in to the ER. That Friday night was crucial to her health. We are very, very lucky she made it in. Any more time without proper medical care could have been fatal. I was on the next flight out back to California when we found out. I am very thankful she made it through everything.

Do they know the cause of her liver failure?

At this point the doctors have stated that it was from plant-based toxins from herbal supplements she had been taking, but they are unsure which herbs caused the damage and why it happened.

What were the factors that got her on the transplant list? How important was that to her recovery?

A few of the main factors were that her liver failure was not a chronic condition; she is young and very healthy; and she has a strong support network of friends and family at home who will help her adjust to her new life when she returns to Sacramento. The doctors and research team felt these issues were very important to her full recovery and for her to have a successful second chance at life.

What will the proceeds from the benefit show go towards?

Alicea is already incurring major medical bills and the amount is only going to go up, even after insurance kicks in, when all is said and done. All proceeds from the benefit show will go towards keeping up with her normal, monthly bills since she is unable to work, as well as her new medication expenses (there is a lot) and temporary high-cost living expenses (she has to live across the street from the hospital for a while in case she experiences any complications, and to go through daily tests and treatments).

What have you learned from this experience?

Patience; love; a restored faith in humanity; acceptance; commitment; loyalty; and most of all – to Never Give Up!

What is her current condition?

Right now she is stable and gaining strength by the hour. She is awake and is beginning to understand what has happened to her, and how her life is forever changed. She is extremely touched by the outpouring of support from everyone and can’t wait to come back home to Sacramento.

What can everyone do to help?

There a few things:

On October 7th, we are having a benefit show at the Blue Lamp with some of Alicea’s favorite local bands — Kill the Precedent, Black Mackerel, City of Vain, and Murderlicious. Show starts at 8pm, 21+, $10 with proceeds going to Alicea. Also, we have benefit t-shirts available for $20 minimum donations via (use the e-mail address to place your order). Tom at Motion Company made the shirts for us at no extra cost, and the heart image on the shirt was drawn by Alicea’s brother, Jeff. To view the shirts online you can either e-mail me directly at or go to In addition, there is a website Jeff also set up for people to securely donate to Alicea at any time they wish (visit Lastly, don’t forget the importance of being a registered donor! We encourage you to view your options quick and easy online at Check everything out and please spread the word! Feel free to contact me or our friend Kristin Drummond ( if you have any questions about how to help or if you would like a shirt.

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