Art Picks – September 2011

Posted on September 10, 2011 – 7:54 PM | by Admin
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Capitol Artists’Studio Tour
September 10 – 11

September means one thing in the Sac art scene: Capitol Artists’ Studio Tour.  This is really THE art event of the year, a unique opportunity to visit artists in their own environment, see works in progress, chat with the artists about their work and even buy art that you like before it gets to a gallery. 

Congratulations and kudos to the Center for Contemporary Art for putting on six of these in a row – it seems like only yesterday that they were strategizing their first one and trying to figure out how to make it all work out.  This event has grown each year, and this time out is the most ambitious yet with nearly 150 artists taking part. If that isn’t enough, they have also added Open Reel, a short film competition, the winners of which will screen at the Crest on Thursday, September 8.

CCAS has tour maps along with a roster of all participating artists their website.  Sadly the roster doesn’t include links to the artist’s individual sites, so if you’re not familiar with an artist’s work it’s up to you to do some research.  One trick is to ask some of the artists you visit whose studios THEY would go see. 

Hours: Sept 10, 10M – 4PM; Sept 11, Noon – 4PM

I Saw My Future / Unravel in Time
Judd Hertzler & Ryan De La Hoz

Bows and Arrows
September 1 – October 4
Reception: September 2, 6 – 10PM

Disclaimer:  Close readers of MM will know that Judd Hertzler has been our Art Director for nearly two years.  I won’t even try to be the detached observer here – I’m too much of a fan. Hertzler’s best attribute as an artist is his ability to surprise you – he’ll head in one direction and then suddenly pivot, pulling out something you didn’t see coming.  It’s too easy to say that he carried that skill over from his skateboarding days, but given how close skateboarding and street art are, there may be something to that argument. Discuss among yourselves. In contrast, I can comfortably say that I’d never heard of De La Hoz before his name popped up in the press release for this show. A quick visit to the internets reveals an artist rooted firmly in the Mission School with all the right bonafides, including an interview at  De La Joz mixes it up with colorful zine-influnced graphic work reminiscent of Chris Johanson and ambitious installations. Given the constraints of Bows’ space I’m thinking he’ll present 2D work here, but who knows?

1815 19th Steet

Hours: Tues – Sat 11AM – 11PM

John Muheim
Phono Select

September 10 – October 7

Reception: September 10, 6 – 9PM

Sacramento photographer John Muheim was in the right place at the right time to capture Sacramento’s punk scene in its mid-eighties heyday.  He documented bands like Tales of Terror and Seven Seconds at long-gone local venues like Club Minimal and Club Can’t Tell, and also caught the best of the touring acts like the Clash, the Ramones and Siouxsie and the Banshees. To celebrate their first anniversary, the guys at Phono Select asked Muheim to put together a show of his classic punk pics, which will open on September 10 with a big ole anniversary party. 

2312 K Street

Hours: Tues –  Thurs Noon – 8PM; Fri-Sat Noon – 9PM, Sun Noon to 5PM

Professions of Art
Renny Pritikin

CSUS, Kadema Hall, Room 145

September 8, 6:30 – 8PM

If you’ve ever wondered why the shows at UCD’s Nelson Gallery are so consistent, (and so damned good), look no further than the Director Renny Pritikin.  Pritikin probably knows more about contemporary art than anyone else in the region – I’ll hedge a bit and say he’s definitely in the top three.  He’s been in the local press quite a bit lately, which is unusual for an academic. Most recently he was the inspiration for last month’s Prescription For a Heathy Art Scene group show at Bows and Arrows, which took Pritikin’s essay of the same name and gave it the full manifesto treatment.  That’s the sort of thing that happens when you’re Renny Pritikin.  The director kicks off CSUS’ new Professions of Art lecture series, which begins this month on September 8.  Pritikin will speak about his career and how he got to where he is.

6000 J Street

Ruth Rippon Alumni Show
Alpha Fired Arts

September 16 – October 29

Reception: September 16, 6 – 8PM

Artist Ruth Rippon has been a force in Sacramento arts for more than a half-century.  Her long tenure at Sac State put her stamp on the city’s ceramics scene, and many of her students went on to successful careers in the arts, including Peter Vandenberg, Tony Natsoulas & Yoshio Taylor.  Alpha Fired Arts has put together a show featuring the work of more than 50 artists (including the trio above) who studied under Rippon and it looks, to be a who’s who of the regions ceramicists.

4675 Aldona Lane

Hours: Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM;  Sat 10AM – 4PM

Short list:

Art Mix: Garden Party

Crocker Art Museum

September 8, 5 – 9 PM

Make like Monet and enjoy a French-inspired Garden Party with Impressionist music from the Sacramento Philharmonic, outdoor lawn games, a no-host Parisian menu, and Impressionist art activities. Presented in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Sacramento. Free with Museum admission.  -KR

216 O Street

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