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It’s a pretty monumental stage in a band’s career when they turn 19 and start their 20th year as a consistent and recognized project. It’s not a mark that very many bands reach. It’s something altogether different when the “band” that has been playing for 19 years has never actually been the same group on stage…ever…but somehow continues to expand the boundaries of improvisation in new ways regularly “as” a band. Lob, a Sacramento resident since 2005, has done just that with his long running conceptual project. Instagon, currently nearly 600 members strong… and growing, has never repeated a show with the same musicians in the same ensemble.. 19 years so far, and shows no signs of slowing This week to celebrate its 19th birthday, Instagon will appear as an 8 piece band featuring members of other Sacramento local bands Garage Jazz Architects, Chikading!, Gentleman Surfer, E Squared, Black HolesWhat?, & others, involving 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, and a horn section. This will be the 597th ensemble to be called Instagon..(the 600th show is just around the corner!) This festive extravaganza will take place Thurs, Feb 2nd at Old Ironsides for the monthly club night called FUTUREWANG (1st Thursday, every month = Improv!) The evening will also include sets from Sacramento’s’ CHIKADING! (with Tony Passarell on keys) and the Bay area’s DINO PIRANHA (with Phillip Greenlief on sax). Sorry kids,this is a 21+ event.