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Gift Guide: The Gifted Gardener

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Gift Guide: Viking Hobby

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Gift Guide: Vinyl Tap

It’s early and/or late December. You’re staring down a newly acquired gift certificate to a record store. Your new significant other loves records. You notice your grandson’s clothes are getting tighter and he’s listening to music that YOU used to listen to, on a RECORD PLAYER no less. What do you do? Well, why not read this article? Read more »

Gift Guide: Beer’s Books

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Gift Guide: Paul Brown Massage Therapy Pain Relief Center

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INTERVIEW: Best Christmas Ever Band

So everyone knows about the MidMo Holiday FUN Raiser tomorrow, right?  We’ve been asked many times, ‘who is the Best Christmas Ever Band?’  We decided to go straight to the source – band leader Amanda Cook.

Turns out that the whole group is collectively battling a cold but Amanda roused from her sickbed just to answer these questions….

Who is in the Best Christmas Ever Band?

…It’ll be just me Candice Phillips and Dylan Barnes… I can’t promise greatness and it might just be a handful of songs since there are a few that won’t work without a band.

Are these all going to be Christmas songs? No Kwanzaa songs?
We will be playing all Christmas songs, though I am saddened to leave out those celebrating Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.

What was your personal Best Christmas Ever?
It is a known fact that much like Summer, I am not a fan of Christmas.  So it’ll be my goal to make this one the best ever.