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Incoming! Melt Banana, Retox – Mon, 11/28

The third choice in our Monday conundrum comes in the form of Japan’s long-loved Melt Banana. Does anyone listen to this band anymore? I’m really glad I did, once. Since ’94, their insanely spastic, incredibly fast, super tight brand of in-your-face punk rock has crossed all boundaries, leaving them in a class of their own. My head still kind of hurts from their show at Joe’s Style Shop, years ago, when a shirtless dude punched me in the back of my head, after I tried politely asking him to stop smashing into me and everyone around him. HAH! Even as a youngster, I was a boring old man. Although these tired old ears can’t quite take it anymore, I encourage anyone with an adventurous side to check out this awesome music; their live show is especially impressive, and never intentionally promotes violence!


8PM, $12, 21+

Incoming! Caravels, Di Bravura, Leer, Mellican Mon, 11/28

Las Vegas’ Caravels has a very mid-west hardcore emo thing going on, and they do it really well. Their sound is dense and huge and powerful (except, of course, when the breakdown comes!). Sacramento’s Di Bravura is NUTS. The two songs on their split with Mane Horse sound like at least three bands playing at the same time, with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong singing over it all. Yikes. San Jose’s Leer and Santa Cruz’s Mellican will be there to up the mosh-ante. Damn good thing that Digitalis is hosting an all-ages shows; the kids need to come to this one.

Digitalis, 1115 H st.

7:30PM, $5, all ages

Incoming! Miami Horror, Geographer, DJ Shaun Slaughter Mon, 11/28

Three shows on a Monday night! What are we going to do?!!? Well, let’s discuss our options. First, we have Australia’s Miami Horror, a synth-based, clap-your-hands, it’s-always-summer-time dance band. Think Neon Indian meets Sixteen Candles, meets every young cool kid on earth. San Francisco’s Geographer has a more “Chris Isaak or the Smiths as a techno band” approach to electronic music, with a strong “back of your hand placed against your forehead as you feign fainting” vibe. Quality stuff, should be a great night if you dig this scene. But, let’s move onto option number two…

Sacramento State University Union Ballroom, 6000 J st.
7:30PM, $10 CSUS students, $15 general, all ages