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Sam Kanelos

By James W. Cameron  Photo by Scott Duncan

Vintage images courtesy Alan O’Connor

Sam Kanelos is in his monthly luncheon meeting with old high school and baseball buddies, some of whom he’s known for over sixty years.  Lunch is just coming to a close and in a few minutes he breaks away for our meeting. Read more »

Sacramento’s Urban Wineries

By William Burg

Sacramento’s urban wineries reflected our city’s ethnic diversity, transportation network, and a close relationship with nearby vineyards. Read more »

DIY Design

by Sarah Hansel  Photos by Scott Duncan

Aside from the stylish sign above the door that reads “Asbestos Press,” the shed in Laura Edmisten’s Curtis Park backyard looks like…well, a backyard shed. Inside, however, it’s a different story. Read more »

Musical Chairs – David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk (pronounced Coal-check) is a Sacramento-based freelance writer who is probably best known for his book Death in California, published in 2009.  Read more »

Donnie Jupiter

By Ed Hunter  Photo by Scott Duncan

Musician and Artist Donald Marquez, AKA Donnie Jupiter, has been on the Sacramento creative scene for nearly four decades.  Read more »

Zin City

By Niki Kangas

Lodi, world-renowned for its old vine Zinfandels, is the perfect home to a dizzying variety of grapes. Read more »

“RoboCine” at the Crocker: Thursday Nov 3

The Crocker Art Museum is hosting a robot-themed film screening Thursday, inspired by California artist Clayton Bailey’s robot sculptures. Bailey’s sculptures, which are on display at the Crocker through January 15th, are creative and usually humorous, and the program for “RoboCine” seems to follow in this vein.

Among the excerpts that will be shown are the Italian silent film Mechanical Man, a 1950s episode of Captain Z-ro, and Gumby’s Robot Rumpus. This screening is part of a series called Film Frame at the Crocker, and it’s presented in collaboration with Movies on a Big Screen.

The screening starts at 7:00. Tickets are $12 for non-members, $6 for members. No word on whether Doughbot donuts will be served.

Buy tickets on the Crocker Museum Website or call 916-808-1182 to place an order.