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Audio Art Assault

By Tony King Photo by Ed Goldthorde

What exactly is “noise music”? Isn’t music—a collection of notes, rhythms and melodies—already noise by definition? Technically yes, but go further down the musical rabbit hole, and you’ll find a subset of musicians that eschew the rigidity of standard song structure in order manipulate blips, bleeps, clangs and feedback into conceptually chaotic and beautiful sound sculptures.

This, then, is noise music. Read more »

Dan Hicks: Saturday Sept 24

A quick note from our old pal McSorley:
“Remember when Mickey Mouse scatted and Betty booped? So does the sartorially inclined genius, Mr. Dan Hicks. He brings his Hot Licks to Harlow’s  this Saturday, Sept. 24, and if you’ve never seen him make the syncopated stops, multi-layered harmonies and rhythm change -ups looks so easy, don’t miss. He’s presenting his “Kollege of Musical Knowledge” this go around, paying tribute to the composers and artists he admires including Duke Ellington, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Richard Rodgers, Paul Simon and, of course, himself with songs from his newest CD, Tangled Tales.”

Harlow’s, 2708 J Street
7PM, $30 tix @

Midtown Sidewalk Sale This Weekend!

So many great deals out there at Midtown’s Sidewalk Sale- this weekend, Friday September 16 – Sunday, September 18.  Check these out:

Artworks 21 – 20% off all print photos
Asha Yoga – Up to 50% off clothes, yoga props and accessories
Birkenstock Midtown – 50% off all comfort shoes and sandals
Britt Steele Dresses & Gowns – 50%-70% off all short dresses and selected merchandise
Clothing Remix – Up to 50% off vintage clothing, B.O.G.O. 50% off new items
Denim Spot – $20 sale racks
Face it Boutique – 10% off (excludes sale items and local designer items)
First Edition – Up to 40% off selected merchandise
Fleet Feet Sports – 20%-50% off shoes and apparel
Forum Boutique – 5% off Pre-Fall Collection
French Cuff Consignment – Up to50% off selected merchandise
Heart Clothing Boutique – $15 sale rack
House of Fashion Bridal Salon & Tuxedos – 50% off wedding gowns, veils, shoes, selected special occasion gowns
Ladybug Ladybug – $5 tee’s, onesie through adult sizes
Legacy Boutique – $5, $10, $20, $50 items
Mixed Bag – 50% off on selected items
Newsbeat – 20-50% off selected merchandise
Phono Select Records – Free tote bag with $40 purchase
Siren Burlesque Boutique & Studio – B.O.G.O. 20% off all items + $20 off any Isabella Corsetry Corset
Sunlight of the Spirit – 15% off banners, 20% off selected books
Swanbergs on J – Discounts on Hawaiian Shirts
The Book Collector – 20% off + sidewalk clearance

Sacramento Architecture: From the Gold Rush to Mid-Century Modern

I know you’re all gearing up for this weekend’s SOCA home tour, but if you’re a hardcore history fan don’t miss this Sunday’s edition of the Sacramento Living Library at Time Tested Books!

Historian William Burg will describe the architectural styles found in Sacramento’s central city and historic neighborhoods, from the Gold Rush through the 1930s. Generations of Sacramentans responded to the climate and conditions of the Sacramento Valley to create buildings and neighborhoods that suited the local environment utilizing northern California’s abundant natural resources. Sacramento’s architecture used contemporary styles found around the country, but adapted them to local conditions in unique ways. Sacramento’s architects combined these adaptations with the lessons of the world’s great architectural traditions and ideas of landscape design. Some of their work still stands, while others were swept away.

Gretchen Steinberg of Sacramento Modern will continue the discussion through the Mid-Century era, explaining how the architects of the post-World War II generation left their own mark on Sacramento’s built environment, both in the central city and Sacramento’s suburbs.

Sunday, September 18, 7PM
1114 21st Street
All Ages, Free


Chris Macias over at the Sac Bee has confirmed mumblings that Red Lotus closed Sunday night. The restaurant which specialized in small plates inspired by Chinese dim sum was the brain child of Kru executive chef Billy Ngo. I am deeply, deeply sadden to hear of the closing of one the most innovative, satisfying and delicious menus to hit the grid. This past Friday I treated Midmo’s Sactorialist to a birthday dinner at the restaurant which did not disappoint. We feasted on succulent dumplings, lemongrass crab chow fun, chili shrimp, and a wonderful albacore dish accented with popcorn shoots – that’s right popcorn shoots which were sweet, starchy and the epitome of that innovation I just mentioned.

With every item that came out we were left marveling at the creativity that marks each dish. Red Lotus was a restaurant many of us at Midmo have been very excited about and will be sad to see go. I plan on making a visit to Kru in the near future and I hope to see some of the fabulous fare at Red Lotus make the migration over if even as the occasional daily special. In the meantime our very best to Ngo and his team and I’ll be dreaming of that kimchi fried rice…..

When Raccoons Attack!

If you live in Midtown, you’ve probably seen wild raccoons roaming around at night searching for garbage. Generally they keep to themselves, but in the last few weeks there have been three incidents in Midtown in which raccoons attacked humans, apparently unprovoked. The incidents have occurred at Ninth and P, Third and P, and most recently 21st and D on September 5th. In all three cases, the people attacked were walking small dogs (coincidence?).

Sacramento seems to be taking these incidents very seriously–FOX 40 reported live several times during Tuesday’s incident, and there was a front page article in the Bee last Wednesday discussing Sacramento’s “shift in its relationship with its wild-animal neighbors.”   Last Tuesday, animal control responded to the attack by sending an officer into the trees with a shotgun. The officer fired three shots and killed all three raccoons (nice shot!). The animals are now being tested for rabies.

Although I had to chuckle when watching FOX40’s live updates on Tuesday–I mean, really, is the most breaking news in Sacramento really a raccoon attack?–the situation is a little creepy. I was recently walking through Midtown at night and found myself imagining raccoons springing on me from the trees. Most likely, as the Bee’s article states, the raccoons have simply become more accustomed to living among humans and can see pedestrians as getting between them and their food. Small dogs are also potential competitors for food, which is probably why the raccoons attacked in these incidents.

Hopefully we aren’t facing a raccoon apocalypse, but until we know for sure, you should probably avoid walking your small dogs at night and/or near dumpsters, and carry a shotgun at all times if you can.


Art Picks – September 2011

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The Fashion Issue

I loved the idea of going with a Fashion theme for this issue.

The Sactorialist and Small Medium Large are two of our most popular regular features, and we usually get plenty of feedback on articles about style and designers.  My own fashion sense is about an inch think, so I was happy to turn over the direction for the issue to our contributors. Read more »

Ed’s Threads

By Guphy Gustafson Photos by Scott Duncan

To walk into Ed’s Threads is to enter a tribute to bygone days.  Read more »

Caren Templet

By Niki Kangas  Photos by Scott Duncan

Do you realize that Sacramento plays host to a world-class fashion designer? Caren Templet’s flag is planted firmly at 1801 L St., where window shoppers are sometimes stunned to see haute couture residing in our often-thought-of-as-second-fiddle city. Read more »