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Sacramento Architecture: From the Gold Rush to Mid-Century Modern

I know you’re all gearing up for this weekend’s SOCA home tour, but if you’re a hardcore history fan don’t miss this Sunday’s edition of the Sacramento Living Library at Time Tested Books!

Historian William Burg will describe the architectural styles found in Sacramento’s central city and historic neighborhoods, from the Gold Rush through the 1930s. Generations of Sacramentans responded to the climate and conditions of the Sacramento Valley to create buildings and neighborhoods that suited the local environment utilizing northern California’s abundant natural resources. Sacramento’s architecture used contemporary styles found around the country, but adapted them to local conditions in unique ways. Sacramento’s architects combined these adaptations with the lessons of the world’s great architectural traditions and ideas of landscape design. Some of their work still stands, while others were swept away.

Gretchen Steinberg of Sacramento Modern will continue the discussion through the Mid-Century era, explaining how the architects of the post-World War II generation left their own mark on Sacramento’s built environment, both in the central city and Sacramento’s suburbs.

Sunday, September 18, 7PM
1114 21st Street
All Ages, Free