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The Fashion Issue

I loved the idea of going with a Fashion theme for this issue.

The Sactorialist and Small Medium Large are two of our most popular regular features, and we usually get plenty of feedback on articles about style and designers.  My own fashion sense is about an inch think, so I was happy to turn over the direction for the issue to our contributors. Read more »

Ed’s Threads

By Guphy Gustafson Photos by Scott Duncan

To walk into Ed’s Threads is to enter a tribute to bygone days.  Read more »

Caren Templet

By Niki Kangas  Photos by Scott Duncan

Do you realize that Sacramento plays host to a world-class fashion designer? Caren Templet’s flag is planted firmly at 1801 L St., where window shoppers are sometimes stunned to see haute couture residing in our often-thought-of-as-second-fiddle city. Read more »

Art School Confidential

By Becky Grunewald and Liv Moe Photos by Scott Duncan

“Arty” people have the best style. Many of them have a sort of uniform that they accessorize with bold glasses and unusual shoes. We picked a few of our favorite arty types around town Read more »

On the Hunt for Sacramento’s Filipino Cuisine

By Sarah Singleton  photos by Scott Duncan

Bold.  Sweet.  Sour.  Salty.  While other Asian cuisines feature one or two of these characteristics, the food of the Philippines delivers these flavors all at once, often in the same dish.  Read more »

Watching Midtown Come to Life

By Tim Holt

When I was growing up here in the 1960s, the cool place to hang out was 35th Street in Oak Park, where the Guild Theater showed films from Europe Read more »