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Art Picks, October 2011

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Rock the Alhambra!

By William Burg  Photos by Doug Taggart

The story of the Alhambra Theatre, the 1927 Moorish Revival picture palace demolished to make way for a Safeway, is familiar to most Sacramentans, but the work by Sacramento’s rock musicians to save the theater is little-known. Read more »


By Melody Stone  Photo by Scott Duncan

Bryan Widener saw a hole in the Sacramento doughnut market and went about filling it. Read more »

Farm Fresh

By Guphy Gustafson

Sacramento has a fruitful country music past, far too rich to recount in its entirety here. Much of our early country history revolves around three families: Bob Wills and relations, Johnny and June Carter Cash and The Andersons. Read more »

Jose di Gregorio

By Becky Grunewald  Photo by Scott Duncan

Painter Jose di Gregorio, 38, has led a peripatetic life – born in Puerto Rico, he moved to Woodland at the age of 4 and has studied art and traveled in Indiana, France, Mexico Cuba and Argentina for extended periods of time. Read more »

Restaurants, Revisited

By Becky Grunewald

I’ve been writing about food for Midtown Monthly for a long damn time – five years. It’s been quite a journey from obscure blogger to…semi-obscure freelance food writer.  Read more »

Wine Picks – October 2011

By Michele Hébert

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Musical Chairs

Sometimes people just call Chris Teichman and his brother Brad “the twins” (due to their identical status), which is kind of messed up, but it doesn’t help that these dudes are always in bands together. Read more »


By Tony King  Photo by Laura Curtis

It’s not often that a musician will tell you that they have no interest in landing a deal with a record label – preferring instead to navigate their music career on their own terms. Read more »

Terrariums at Bows

Just when you think they’ve settled into a niche, Bows and Arrows comes up with something new. How adorable is this? They’re hosting a workshop on November 5th on how to make your own terrarium. It’s only $40 and all supplies are included. Perfect for us studio apartment dwellers who are having outdoor withdrawals.

To RSVP, go to this facebook page